Summit Round-up: Overarching Recommendations for the G20

With 221 speakers, over 800 contributions including keynotes, panel discussions, dozens of vision statements and policy briefs, the Digital Global Solutions Summit 2020 is drawing to a close. These contributions to the Think20 process and the 2020 G20 presidency have been extensively reviewed, consumed and commented on by over 5,000 participants and visitors to our website. 

The Digital Global Solutions Summit 2020 centered around core sessions that contribute to the agenda of the G20 and T20 by addressing the Task Force areas plus an additional area dealing with policy in response to the COVID-19-pandemic. Underlying all topics was the Global Solutions Initiative’s narrative on Recoupling. All panels dealt with the connections that are made with this narrative to the G20 on specific topics. 

Alongside panels and keynotes organized by the Global Solutions Initiative, our committed partners added insightful and vitally important Partner Global Tables with outstanding expert speakers. 

We invite you to join us for the Summit Round-Up. Next to interviews with high-ranking representatives from business, civil society and our Young Global Changer-community, please watch our Closing-Panel with Climate Investment Funds’ CEO Mafalda Duarte, World Health Summit President Detlev Ganten, PwC’s Colm Kelly, OECD’s G20 Sherpa Gabriela Ramos, Global Solutions President Dennis J. Snower and the Women’s Economic Imperative CEO Margo Thomas, hosted by journalist Declan Curry.

We hope to meet again physically for the next Global Solutions Summit 2021. Please save the date: 27-28 May, Berlin.

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Closing Interview of the Summit's Round-Up

The closing interview of the Global Solutions Summit’s Round-up highlights lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic and how we can better link wealth, health and societal goods. Peter Bakker, President and CEO of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, and Bob Moritz, Chairman of PwC, discuss in detail the role of businesses, the need for change in our economies and the role of good leadership in moving toward a better normal – not just a new normal.

Robert E. Moritz

Chairman, PwC International

Peter Bakker

President & CEO, World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)

Interviewed by 
Declan Curry


Closing Panel

Chapters of the Closing Panel

Policy options in response to the pandemic here

Thinking globally, while empowering local communities here

The fight against climate change here

Policies for human well-being here

Education and skills for a new world here

Shaping our use of technology here

In the closing panel of the Global Solutions Summit 2020, panelists look back at the key moments and highlight the crucial takeaways and policy recommendations for the G20. Policy responses to the pandemic, ideas on the future of multilateralism, mitigating climate change, and addressing the social challenges associated digitalization are in the spotlight of this high-level debate.

Mafalda Duarte

CEO, Climate Investment Funds

Detlev Ganten

President, World Health Summit

Colm Kelly

Global Tax & Legal Services Leader and Global Purpose Leader, PwC

Margo Thomas

Founder & CEO, Women’s Economic Imperative; Global Solutions Fellow

Gabriela Ramos

G20 Sherpa OECD

Dennis Snower

President, Global Solutions Initiative

Moderator: Declan Curry


Closing Speech

In his closing speech for the digital Global Solutions Summit 2020, Global Solutions Initiative President Dennis J. Snower lays out the key issues of our time and highlights why only the recoupling of environmental, social and economic progress will bring us closer to a society of holistic wellbeing.

Dennis Snower

President, Global Solutions Initiative


Albert K. Ting, Vietnamese business veteran and construction expert, speaks about the challenges of urbanization and sustainable development of cities in this Summit Round-Up interview. He further emphasizes the importance of sustainable businesses behavior that looks beyond shareholder value.

Albert K. Ting

Chairman, Lawrence S. Ting Memorial Foundation

Interviewed by
Dennis Snower

President, Global Solutions Initiative

The Young Global Changers are the Global Solutions Initiative’s network of future leaders. Inspired, determined and committed, the Young Global Changers work hard to making the world a better place. In this interview, they share their insight and perspective on global challenges.

Nancy Hoque

GTM Strategy & Co-Founder, The Pursuit; USA/Bangladesh; Young Global Changer 2018

Shukri Toefy

Co-Founder & CEO, FORT; South Africa; Young Global Changer 2018

Eduarda Zoghbi

Co-Founder, The Pursuit; Brazil; Young Global Changer 2018

Interviewed by
Markus Engels

Secretary General, Global Solutions Initiative

The spotlight falls on the future of business and the future of work in this interview with PwC’s Ulrich Störk. He analyses why companies need to change, and what – and especially who – they need to foster sustainable and future-oriented corporate behavior.

Ulrich Störk

CEO, PwC Germany

Interviewed by
Declan Curry


Post-Summit Exchange

After the official closing of the Digital Global Solutions Summit 2020, some 100 participants, among them close friends of the Global Solutions Initiative, gathered informally online to exchange last thoughts and words relating to this year’s summit. 

Watch the lively discussion as well as further remarks by the Global Solutions Initiative’s Secretary General Markus Engels and Managing Director Susanne Staufer.

Call to Action for the G20 Nations

Policy leaders urge G20 to act for human wellbeing


International Expert Group Presses Urgency of US-China Leadership in Global Coordination of People-Centered Policies

Recoupling the Economy with Society

Commentary by Arun Maira, HelpAge International; Global Solutions Fellow
Global Solutions Fellow Arun Maira reflects on the impact of COVID-19 in India and the need to recouple economics with society after the Digital Global Solutions Summit 2020.

Please contact for more information.

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