What can the G20 do to kick-start the “10 years of action” to achieve the SDGs?

While progress is made in many places to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and to align economic, social and environmental progress globally; the overall speed and level of action is not sufficient to deliver on the targets set for 2030. The United Nations have hence launched the Decade of Action to speed up transformative change in the 2020s. This panel will discuss what can be learned from successful SDG implementation in different places to scale-up transformative action globally. What are common characteristics of successful SDG projects? What role do national governments, international organisations, business, science and civil society have to play to support effective SDG achievement? What impulses can the G20 give to kick-start the Decade of Action? How can the G20 help to operationalise the “leave no one behind principle” and support SDG achievement in Least Developed Countries? How can the G20 support effective global SDG monitoring by pioneering best practice and supporting other countries?

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Panel Discussion

Vision Statement

Vision Statement



Achim Steiner

United Nations Development Programme


Paula Caballero


Homi Kharas

Brookings, USA

Izumi Ohno

JICA Ogata Research Institute

Margo Thomas

Women’s Economic Imperative, USA
Global Solutions Fellow

Moderator: Declan Curry


Vision Statements

Matthias Berninger

Bayer AG, Germany

Tanja Gönner


Voices of the 2020 Young Global Changers

Ninety young people from around the world were selected to participate in the 2020 Global Solutions Summit as Young Global Changers. These young changemakers from academica, business and civil society contribute and debate in their various working groups on the Summit topics. Watch the video with statements and questions by the YGC Working Group on G20 Support for SDGs and Development Cooperation!

The Young Global Changers regularly contribute to the Young Global Changers blog. Browse through the YGC blog and read more articles on SDGs and related topics, written by the Young Global Changers’ community.

Policy Recommendations, Policy Briefs and Articles

Policy Briefs on G20 Support for SDGs and Development Cooperation​

Policy Briefs contain recommendations and visions and cover policy ares that are of interest to G20 policymakers. The majority of the Policy Briefs has been developed by a corresponding T20 Task Force.

T20 Recommendations Report: 2030 Agenda for  Sustainable Development

Compiled by Katharina Lima de Miranda (IfW Kiel), Juliane Stein-Zalai (IfW Kiel) and Simon Wolf (Global Solutions Initiative)

Advancing Enterprise Education for Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) among MENA Countries 

By Dinah Bennett, Margo Thomas, Barbara Orser, Haya Al-Dajani and Khulood A. Rambo (Women’s Economic Imperative)

People’s Money: Harnessing Digitalization to Finance a Sustainable Future

Final Report by the United Nations Secretary-General’s Task Force on Digital Financing of the Sustainable Development Goals

Improve Handwashing Access to Combat COVID-19

By KE Seetha Ram and Roshan Shrestha (ADBI)

The New Inequalities and People-To-People Social Protection

By Nora Lustig (IPSP) and Nancy Birdsall (Center for Global Development)

Disease, Like Poverty, Does Not Stay at Home

By Yonas Adepto, Karim El Aynaoui, Thomas Gomart, Paolo Magri, Greg Mill, Karin von Hippel, and Guntram Wolff (ISPI)

With or without you – Global Solutions Journal

Implementing the SDGs – Global Solutions Journal

A Letter to G20 Governments

By Erik Berglöf, Gordon Brown & Jeremy Farrar (Project Syndicate)

COVID-19 and Latin America 

By Merike Blofield (Institute of Latin American Studies at GIGA)

Driving Africa’s industrialisation on the back of COVID-19

By Toyin Abiodun (Ministry of Trade, Rwanda; Tony Blair Institute for Global Change)

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Kerstin Leitner Uni Potsdam

In order to fight Covid-19 effectively everywhere and overcoming the economic slowdown as a result of the pandemic, vast sums of money are earmarked nationally and within regional institutions like the EU. Suggestion: The G 20 should give an impetus and inspiration to other regional groups and national governments assisting the UN and BWIs to eventually propagate a programme for a global recovery with the SDGs as lead targets. Hence I would like to suggest that the panel focus the discussion on SDG 3 Health and Well-Being and 12 Sustainable Production and Consumption. Three questions to the panel: Which are… Read more »

Peter N Dolo YGC | Liberia

First of all, the G20 needs to ensure that there’s enough awareness done to educate people on the Sustainable development goals. It’s sad to mention that with just 10 years left for the actualization of the SDGs, most community dwellers (especially those in rural areas) have no idea of the SDGs. In Liberia, for instance, most of those living in rural areas have not heard about the Sustainable Development Goals. Unfortunately, majority of these people livelihoods sustainability is tied to the environment through subsistence farming. If these people are knowledge of the impact of their actions on the environment, they… Read more »

Andrea Joras Berghof Foundation

I do understand that UNDP as a matter of crisis management now puts significant focus on the health systems and the COVID-19 pandemic itself. However, when thinking beyond, I wish to turn the crisis into an opportunity of a more holistic and cross-cutting approach to the SDGs. There is not only investment required to strengthen the health systems. Specifically for the economic recovery we would now have the chance for a system change towards more sustainable business models. This would also require significant investment and joint action with the private sector. What are the plans of UNDP and other development… Read more »

Mushana Ivan Tree Uganda Academy (TUA)

It is an honour for me to put at the service of the Global Solutions Initiative and the World Policy Forum the experience accumulated throughout my academic career and working experience in concept design, project management and leadership. An experience that has allowed me to sense from the outset the wide potential of this Digital Global Solutions Summit and the Young Global Changers network, and to design new initiatives that contribute to the G20 dynamism. I am certain that together we will give meaning and strengthen the foundational objectives of the G20 to promote collaboration, research, innovation, business, and the… Read more »


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