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Mobilizing Multilateral Cultural Values

Curated and produced by George Mason University, Robert Bosch Academy, and Stanford University Press

Global cultural anxieties are shaping responses to multilateralism at the deepest possible level and reported in daily headlines. 

This keynote and panel address the viability and need for mobilizing multilateral values from a cultural perspective. The keynote and the panelists have recently contributed to a book on this subject “Cultural Values in Political Economy” (Stanford University Press, July 2020). Members of the panel have advised international organizations such as UNESCO, the World Bank, and the WTO and serve in distinguished capacities for foreign relations in the United States, Canada, and Australia. 

How do cultural values affect the political economy of multilateralism and global governance? How can global civil society and states understand and mobilize cultural values that affect issues such as international trade, environmental sustainability, and international cultural flows such as through arts, migration, and education? 

The goal of the session is to highlight the importance of cultural values and to operationalize them for global governance. Solutions proposed include shifting the discourse from environmental accountability to responsibility, including norms of cultural diversity in global governance, managing the cultural obstacles to international trade, and fashioning new cultural narratives of multilateralism and cosmopolitanism.

Technical support by Paul Nooney, Schar School of Policy and Government, George Mason University.

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J.P. Singh

George Mason University


Kristen Hopewell

University of British Columbia

Miles Kahler

American University

David Throsby

Macquarie University

Irene Wu

Federal Communications Commission, USA

J.P. Singh

George Mason University

Policy Recommendations, Policy Briefs and Articles

Policy Briefs on the Future of Multilateralism and Global Governance

Policy Briefs contain recommendations and visions and cover policy ares that are of interest to G20 policymakers. The majority of the Policy Briefs has been developed by a corresponding T20 Task Force.

T20 Recommendations Report: Global Governance and the Future of International Institutions

Compiled by Dennis Görlich (IfW Kiel) and Juliane Stein-Zalai (IfW Kiel)

Coordinating Committee for the Governance of Artificial Intelligence

By T. Jelinek (Taihe Institute), W. Wallach (Yale Center for Bioethics), D. Kerimi (World Economic Forum)

Towards a Responsible Globalization that Empowers Citizens and Leaves No One Behind 

By Dennis J. Snower (Global Solutions), Sebastian Strauss (Brookings), Homi Kharas (Brookings)

The China-West Dialogue:  Toward a Global Order for All

Background Note for Global Solutions Summit “Global Table on the Global Order”

Letter to EU Presidents

By Danilo Türk, President of World Leadership Alliance – Club de Madrid; Former President of Slovenia

Letter to International Monetary Fund and World Bank

By Danilo Türk, President of World Leadership Alliance – Club de Madrid; Former President of Slovenia

Message to the G20 on EU’s Coronavirus Global Response Online Pledging Event

By Danilo Türk, President of World Leadership Alliance – Club de Madrid

Geopolitical symptoms of COVID-19: Narrative battles within the Eastern Partnership

By Mihai-Razvan Corman (Bertelsmann Stiftung) and Eliana Coraci (Bertelsmann Stiftung)

Toward “effective multilateralism” in turbulent times – Global Solutions Journal

The future of multilateralism – Global Solutions Journal

China and its Long March: End in sight? Not yet – Global Solutions Journal

Will COVID-19 Remake the World?

By Dani Rodrik (Harvard University – Kennedy School of Government)

A Letter to G20 Governments

By Erik Berglöf, Gordon Brown & Jeremy Farrar (Project Syndicate)

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