China-West Relations and Alternative Narratives and Dynamics for the Global Order

The challenge is how to keep the world together in a single international community rather than end up with a bipolar global order, divided by ideological systemic competition, dual digital systems, and conflicting military-security tensions forcing other countries to choose sides. The US and China, so far, are facing off, confronting each other and clarifying … Read more

Healing multilateralism: how multi-level governance can solve global problems

It is often heard: Global problems, such as climate change or the fight against Covid-19, require global cooperation. The cross-border nature and sheer scope of the problems require global collective action. Yet, cooperation often does not go beyond words. What is often highlighted instead are systemic differences, bilateral approaches to cooperation, and the malfunctioning of … Read more

Keynote: Minister Jens Spahn Panel: Pandemic preparedness as a global challenge

Not only the fair distribution of vaccines against the coronavirus is currently a central challenge of the international community. Also, the establishment of effective and resilient public health systems including skilled personnel, disease prevention and monitoring, and access to treatments remain important for global health and pandemic preparedness. The Covid-19 pandemic has shown the aggravating … Read more

Keynote by Thoraya Obaid

Curated and produced by Women’s Economic Imperative G20 Support for SDGs and Development Cooperation Gender Economic Equity and the SDG 2030 Agenda: Implications of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond We are within the final decade of the SDG 2030 Agenda and far short of attaining the targets. Since Goal 5 – Women’s economic empowerment cuts … Read more

Vision Statement by Tanja Gönner

While progress is made in many places to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and to align economic, social and environmental progress globally; the overall speed and level of action is not sufficient to deliver on the targets set for 2030. The United Nations have hence launched the Decade of Action to speed up transformative change … Read more

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