G20 Performance on Financial Stability

  Challenge   Proposal At the heart of the G20’s founding is its mission to promote financial stability in the world. The very creation of the G20 was driven by the view that the world needed a newer, more informal financial and economic steering group, consisting of systemically significant economies. The G20 has long addressed … Read more

Mitigating and managing the effects of climate change on macro-financial stability and sovereign risk

Climate change can negatively affect macrofinancial stability and amplify sovereign risk. By raising the cost of sovereign borrowing for climate-vulnerable countries, it limits the fiscal space available for scaling up investment in adaptation and resilience to climate change and can threaten debt sustainability. This policy brief proposes actionable policy solutions for mitigating and managing the … Read more

The International Financial System in Distress

The economic transformation needed to recouple economic growth with social prosperity and environmental sustainability will require a significant amount of financial resources. These financial needs come against the background of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has triggered massive fiscal spending for supporting the economy and improving public health. Central banks have created very large amounts of … Read more

Vision Statement by Henrietta Moore

Curated and produced by ESRC’s Rebuilding Macroeconomics Financial Crisis, nationalism and COVID-19 are all socio-economic pandemics in the last decade. Each one starts in a small corner of our world, then spreads across continents in a very short space of time. Each one is a surprise, and each one catches us unprepared. If we are … Read more

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