Community session: Circular economy and global value chains

This session is curated and supported by Circular Economy Solutions Dialogues (GIZ). In the past two decades of globalization, urbanization and infrastructure development, the development of global value and supply chains (GVCs) has created a fine-meshed net of linear interdependencies spanning across the planet. This has become particularly visible in times of crises. The pandemic … Read more

Trade as a driver for social and ecological transformation

This session is curated by Tina Blohm, Trade Policy, Financing for Development, Global and European Policy, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, and supported by Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung. Globalization and technological change have created much wealth in aggregate terms, but over the past decades have also been accompanied by inequality, social fragmentation and disempowerment. Furthermore, globalized production and international trade have significantly … Read more

Keynote: Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action Robert Habeck

Our future depends on our ability to transform our economic system – to take stewardship in transforming the system in accordance with our collective goals. This requires, first and foremost, reliable measures of progress so that we can evaluate if we reached our economic, social and environmental goals. Next to growth in material gain, we … Read more

China-West Relations and Alternative Narratives and Dynamics for the Global Order

The challenge is how to keep the world together in a single international community rather than end up with a bipolar global order, divided by ideological systemic competition, dual digital systems, and conflicting military-security tensions forcing other countries to choose sides. The US and China, so far, are facing off, confronting each other and clarifying … Read more

How companies can measure social and environmental progress

Our current measures of progress are primarily financial and short-term. Macro-level reporting has had a particular emphasis on GDP and corporate reporting has largely been focused on shareholder value. In the context of broader social objectives, our current approaches to reporting are neither sufficient nor effective. While there has been a proliferation of standards and … Read more

Keynote: Tetsushi Sonobe Panel: Infrastructure: Targets, Governance and Financing

Infrastructure plays a key role in supporting the recoupling of economic prosperity with social and environmental prosperity. This requires long-term investment in social infrastructure, including education, health and housing, as well as investments into infrastructure that supports a reduction of the environmental footprints. The Covid-19 crisis affects the global economy largely through and within interconnected … Read more

Keynote: Angel Gurría Panel: How to achieve the vision for a recoupled economy?

Our economy should serve human needs. For that, it must not be entirely geared towards economic progress but has to improve social progress and environmental sustainability as well. This is the vision of a recoupled economy: where social, economic and environmental prosperity grow together and not apart. Achieving a recoupled economy requires complementary action in … Read more

Keynote: Valdis Dombrovskis Panel: The New Trade Governance Agenda

Our global rulebook of trade is outdated. It does not accommodate geopolitical power shifts, it is unfit to cope with the rapid internationalization of state-owned enterprises, it has little to say on the challenges brought about by the digitalization of business models and it is often seen as hindering rather than promoting the ecological transformation … Read more

The policy implications of geoeconomic strategies

The last few years have been marked by a growing geostrategic rivalry between China and the United States. At the same time, a shift from a rules-based to a more power-based international order has taken place. This becomes evident in the increasing usage of economic instruments such as trade policy or technology and industrial policy … Read more

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