Community session: China-West dialogues to ease geopolitical tensions amid a new era of war in Europe

This session is curated by Colin Bradford, Fellow, Global Solutions Initiative. The confrontational narratives between the United States and China undermine opportunities and imperatives for constructive competition and collaboration.??They threaten to create a world divided into two blocs and to overwhelm global cooperation and multilateralism, at a crucial moment. ??The time has come to create … Read more

Pandemic preparedness and response – recoupling the global health system

This session is curated by Dennis Görlich, Program Director, Global Solutions Initiative, and Program Manager, Socio-Economic Transformation, The New Institute. The COVID-19 pandemic was a major brake for economic and social development. Despite warnings that a pandemic may occur, the international community was largely unprepared when COVID first emerged in late 2019. For example, while … Read more

The growing imperative for a circular economy

This session is curated by Linda Arthur, Senior Capacity Building and Training Specialist, ADBI, and supported by Circular Economy Solutions Dialogues (GIZ). Fifty years ago, the United Nations convened the first major conference on international environmental issues in Stockholm, Sweden, and yet fifty years later, climate change and eight additional planetary boundaries are threatened by … Read more

Keynote: Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action Robert Habeck

Our future depends on our ability to transform our economic system – to take stewardship in transforming the system in accordance with our collective goals. This requires, first and foremost, reliable measures of progress so that we can evaluate if we reached our economic, social and environmental goals. Next to growth in material gain, we … Read more

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