The New Urban Paradigm

This policy brief argues in favor of a new urban model that harnesses the power that cities have to curb global warming. Such a model tackles fundamental management challenges in the energy, building and transport sectors to promote the growth of diverse and compact cities.  Such a model is essential for meeting complex challenges in … Read more

Preparing Cities to Manage Migration

 The authors call upon G20 leaders to recognize cities as active agents in managing migration, in recognition of the fact that migrants tend to settle in urban areas, when they arrive in their destination country. G20 countries need to strengthen institutional capacity at the city level, empowering cities to determine the legal status and protect … Read more

Environment, migration and urbanisation: Challenges and solutions for low- and middle-income countries

The environment is closely related to migration and urbanisation processes. Changing environmental and socioeconomic factors are driving migration from rural areas into cities, resulting in unprecedented urban growth. This in turn creates new environmental risks and vulnerabilities; but it also offers opportunities to design sustainable and inclusive urban living. Addressing this complex nexus requires a … Read more

Promoting sustainable agriculture in smart cities

This brief elaborates on the development of sustainable agriculture in smart cities, addressing the challenges related to increasing demand for protein-rich food due to intense urbanisation. It considers development of the appropriate technologies and optimised infrastructure required for the massive uptake of smart urban farming and simultaneously enabling circular economy mechanisms for recycling waste into … Read more

Closing communiqués of the G20 engagement groups

In view of the G20 summit on October 30 and 31, 2021, the G20 engagement groups are gradually publishing their communiqués with their proposals and recommendations for the G20 member countries these days. We are documenting the final documents of these working groups. Urban 20 Urban 20 is a city diplomacy initiative that brings together … Read more

Keynote: Tetsushi Sonobe Panel: Infrastructure: Targets, Governance and Financing

Infrastructure plays a key role in supporting the recoupling of economic prosperity with social and environmental prosperity. This requires long-term investment in social infrastructure, including education, health and housing, as well as investments into infrastructure that supports a reduction of the environmental footprints. The Covid-19 crisis affects the global economy largely through and within interconnected … Read more

Shaping the new frontiers of sustainable (urban) infrastructure: Reviewing the long-term value of infrastructure investments and enabling system change

Addressing global investment gaps in infrastructure has been a consistent priority for the Group of Twenty (G20) over the last decade. This has culminated in the formulation of the G20 Quality Infrastructure Investment Principles (QII) in 2019, along with the convergence of the G20 priorities and the global development goals. However, multilateral development and environmental … Read more

Summit Round-Up: Interview with Albert Ting

Albert K. Ting, Vietnamese business veteran and construction expert, speaks about the challenges of urbanization and sustainable development of cities in this interview for the Global Solutions Summit Round-Up 2020. He further emphasizes the importance of sustainable businesses behavior that looks beyond shareholder value.

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