The Health-Wealth-Nexus: recoupling health, social and economic wellbeing

This session is curated by Sonja Haut, Head, Strategic Measurement & Materiality, Novartis, and supported by Novartis. Good health is an essential element to overall well-being. However, we consistently observe disconnect and misalignment in economic, health and social policy debates; economic policy is often seen pulling in the opposite direction from health policy. The ongoing … Read more

Health Investments for Social and Economic Prosperity

The wealth of our societies is typically described in terms of economic growth, production and income. Yet, people would probably name good health as their most important goal, particularly under the current pandemic circumstances. Economic prosperity is intrinsically dependent on public health. Investments in healthcare and R&D, as well as in other social and health-promoting … Read more

The Future of Welfare States 

Welfare states can buffer economic hardship – their primary function is to provide a public safety net in times of individual crisis and to enable people to overcome the crisis through activation. Thus, if done right, welfare states support solidarity and empowerment. In normal times, welfare states deal with individual volatility resulting from impacts of … Read more

How companies can measure social and environmental progress

Our current measures of progress are primarily financial and short-term. Macro-level reporting has had a particular emphasis on GDP and corporate reporting has largely been focused on shareholder value. In the context of broader social objectives, our current approaches to reporting are neither sufficient nor effective. While there has been a proliferation of standards and … Read more

Keynote: Angel Gurría Panel: How to achieve the vision for a recoupled economy?

Our economy should serve human needs. For that, it must not be entirely geared towards economic progress but has to improve social progress and environmental sustainability as well. This is the vision of a recoupled economy: where social, economic and environmental prosperity grow together and not apart. Achieving a recoupled economy requires complementary action in … Read more

Implementing Good Health and Wellbeing

The current healthcare systems tend to be based predominantly on a sick-care model, the system is essentially one that waits until we have fallen ill. We face unprecedented challenges with global staff shortages predicted to be 18m by 2030 (BMJ). Healthcare costs have been rapidly rising over the past few decades. This unsustainable demand and … Read more

Towards a strong G20 for effective multilateral cooperation

The global system is focused on economic growth, with social prosperity and environmental sustainability as subsidiaries and derivative to economic growth. The transformational change needed to realign the political, economic and social systems, focusing on the wellbeing of people and the planet, requires a broad coalition of actors – actors from politics, business and society … Read more

G20 Sherpa Panel: Towards Global Realignment

The Italian G20 Presidency comes at a critical time in the history of the G20. Collective action across the G20 and beyond is required to promote recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, both in terms of global health and economic prosperity. Furthermore, this recovery needs to be environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive. Never before has the … Read more

Summit Round-Up: Closing Speech by Dennis Snower

In his closing speech for the digital Global Solutions Summit 2020, Global Solutions Initiative President Dennis J. Snower lays out the key issues of our time and highlights why only the recoupling of environmental, social and economic progress will bring us closer to a society of holistic wellbeing.

Summit Round-Up: Closing Panel

In the closing panel of the Global Solutions Summit 2020, panelists look back at the key moments and highlight the crucial takeaways and policy recommendations for the G20. Policy responses to the pandemic, ideas on the future of multilateralism, mitigating climate change, and addressing the social challenges associated digitalization are in the spotlight of this … Read more

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