Building sustainable economies by getting youth into work
The economic system that uplifted society coming out of World War II has, with the aid of a massive disruption in technology, also created significant income and wealth disparities, a lack of trust in institutions, growing populism and social unrest. Youth are among those who have often been locked out of the benefits of the ... Read more
Building a Better Future of Work
What began as a global health crisis in 2020 developed into an economic one, resulting in widespread business failures and social and political upheaval. Poor, marginalised, and vulnerable communities, as well as their workforces, have been disproportionately affected, and while vaccines are allowing many countries to begin reopening borders, economies, and activities, the emerging economic ... Read more
Global Solutions Hub
What can the G20 do to develop future skills, improve employability and encourage ‘good work’ in the post pandemic world?
The implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on global economies, supply chains, and corporations are far reaching. G20 countries are grappling with historically high unemployment rates as stay-at-home-orders upended livelihoods. This, coupled with jobs increasingly at risk of automation due to advancing technology, will impact the availability and quality of employment for years and is contributing ... Read more
Global Solutions Hub
What can the G20 do to shape a coherent, inclusive and forward looking educational system?
The global economy is being transformed by technological advances such as artificial intelligence, advanced manufacturing techniques and technology-enabled platforms, inducing structural shifts in our labour markets. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic will lead to further structural transformations. The education system plays a key role during this transformation. It will support the transition best if the curriculum ... Read more
Jane Filipiuk
G20 Research Group
Angela Lyons
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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