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Wealth and Health: contribution of health businesses to recoupling
The COVID-19 crisis has exposed many fundamental aspects of our society. The world needs to transcend the challenges laid bare by the crisis. There is a clear need to move beyond today’s polarization to future guided by partnership and collaboration to create a better and fairer world. How can we better link wealth and health? ... Read more
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The role of civil society and businesses for fostering recoupling
There is growing consensus that shareholder primacy has been a source of disconnect between the objectives of most businesses and the common good. Moreover, with pervasive tax evasion and growing concentration in most markets, the power of corporations and of corporate leaders is seen as a threat to sound governance and social cohesion, contributing to ... Read more
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Our money – our choice: How can the G20 use digital finance to achieve the SDGs?
With only 10 years left to realize the 2030 Agenda, there is a common call to boost finance from additional funding sources in order to accelerate sustainable action. At the same time, new finance options and innovative tools are emerging and fueling the international debate on their potential for sustainable development. Consequently, the United Nation’s ... Read more
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What can the G20 do to develop future skills, improve employability and encourage ‘good work’ in the post pandemic world?
The implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on global economies, supply chains, and corporations are far reaching. G20 countries are grappling with historically high unemployment rates as stay-at-home-orders upended livelihoods. This, coupled with jobs increasingly at risk of automation due to advancing technology, will impact the availability and quality of employment for years and is contributing ... Read more
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What can the G20 do to implement AI principles and to shape global data governance?
Summit 2020
Under Japan’s presidency, the G20 endorsed Principles for responsible stewardship of Trustworthy AI. Under these principles, it is required that “stakeholders […] proactively engage in responsible stewardship of trustworthy AI in pursuit of beneficial outcomes for people and planet.” The principles are centered on human values, fairness, transparency, explainability, robustness, security, safety and accountability. Being (necessarily) ... Read more
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The “true” value contribution of business – The future of accounting and reporting
Global Solutions Hub in cooperation with the Value Balancing Alliance The value balancing alliance e.V. (VBA) is a non-profit organization founded in June 2019 by global companies to develop and promote a methodology to assess company’s impacts on nature, society, and the economy in monetary terms along the value chain. In addition, the Alliance develops ... Read more
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What can the G20 do to improve social cohesion and trigger responsibility in business and politics?
In the context of recent dynamics propelled by globalization and technological developments, the trust in political institutions has diminished in many parts of the world and led to a surge of parties selfportraying as anti-establishment, often promoting nativism and xenophobia. This trend undermines the support for multilateralism and effective global governance and propagates the idea ... Read more
Summit Round-Up: Interview with Albert Ting
Albert K. Ting, Vietnamese business veteran and construction expert, speaks about the challenges of urbanization and sustainable development of cities in this interview for the Global Solutions Summit Round-Up 2020. He further emphasizes the importance of sustainable businesses behavior that looks beyond shareholder value.
Summit Round-Up: Interview with Peter Bakker & Robert Moritz
The closing interview of the Global Solutions Summit’s Round-up 2020 highlights lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic and how we can better link wealth, health and societal goods. Peter Bakker, President and CEO of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, and Bob Moritz, Chairman of PwC, discuss in detail the role of businesses, the ... Read more
Summit Round-Up: Closing Panel – Chapter 1
In the closing panel of the Global Solutions Summit 2020, panelists look back at the key moments and highlight the crucial takeaways and policy recommendations for the G20. Policy responses to the pandemic, ideas on the future of multilateralism, mitigating climate change, and addressing the social challenges associated digitalization are in the spotlight of this ... Read more

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