Closing communiqués of the G20 engagement groups

In view of the G20 summit on October 30 and 31, 2021, the G20 engagement groups are gradually publishing their communiqués with their proposals and recommendations for the G20 member countries these days. We are documenting the final documents of these working groups.

Urban 20

Urban 20 is a city diplomacy initiative that brings together cities from G20 member states under a common framework to discuss global economic, climate and development issues. The cities form a common position and issue recommendations for consideration by the G20 presidency and Heads of State, enhancing the role of cities as global economic and political leaders. The U20 initiative is permanently convened by C40 Cities and United Cities and Local Governments, under the leadership of a Chair city that rotates annually. The initiative is currently in its fourth and was previously Chaired by Buenos Aires (2018), Tokyo (2019), and Riyadh (2020).

Communiqué: Urban 20 calls on G20 to empower cities to ensure a green and just recovery

Press Release: 28 Cities Urge G20 to Invest in Green and Just Recovery, Vaccine Equity, Climate Action, and Divest from Fossil Fuels Ahead of G20 Summit in Italy and COP26


Youth 20

The Youth 20 (Y20) is aimed at enabling young people to express their visions and ideas to the Heads of State and Government of the G20. It is an inclusive discussion platform, from which a series of agreed recommendations related to the G20 agenda are compiled into a joint comuniqué. This is then delivered to the Presidency and shared with the other Leaders. The 2021 Y20 is chaired by the Young Ambassadors Society, the association in charge of the G7/G20 Youth Summits for Italy.

Communiqué: A cross-cutting proposal


Women 20

Established in 2015, the Women 20 aims to ensure due consideration to gender issues within the G20 discussions, foster gender equality and promote women’s empowerment. The 2021 edition of the W20 will be chaired by Linda Laura Sabbadini.

Communiqué: A new challenging vision: from inclusion to empowerment of women

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