Checking the Chain


The expansion of globalized production and trade in the last half century has brought tremendous benefits to consumers and producers around the world. However, the true costs of production are often externalized; early stages of these globalized supply chains are notorious for their prevalence of unsafe working conditions, environmentally unsustainable practices, and even forced labour. Despite a number of international agreements aiming to maintain certain worldwide standards, the achievement of fair supply chains on a global level still faces major hurdles.  Namely, the problem of how to monitor and track whether such commitments are adhered to.
In this policy brief, we contribute to making fair global supply chains a reality through a vision of effective and coordinated due diligence legislation complemented by robust supply chain traceability. To achieve this goal, we focus on two main issues: 1. Promoting the establishment of binding supply chain due diligence legislation on a national level while ensuring international alignment and 2. Promoting the coherent use and development of modern traceability technology, namely blockchain.

Read the full policy brief and download it here.

A Policy Brief by Adina Spertus-Melhus and Linn von Engelbrechten.


The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Global Solutions Initiative. 


The authors are students at the Hertie School, Berlin of the Master of Public Policy, and members of the extended circle community of the Young Global Changers program.

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