Towards a Multilateral Consensus on Data Governance


To recouple the benefits of increased digital trade with human and societal well-being on a global level, countries must achieve a consensus on how to regulate data. Past international discussions have shown that while countries have significantly varying approaches to data governance, consensus can still be reached on many issues. This Policy Brief highlights a feasible and multilaterally agreeable data governance framework that is anchored on two pillars: (1) promote interoperability; and (2) establish global governance rules and norms. Each pillar consists of more specific and actionable policy recommendations that follow through prior international work. We conclude with a recognition of the G20’s role as a strong multilateral forum where this consensus can be reached. Indeed, this Policy Brief bridges the silos between data governance, international cooperation, and growth in pursuit of proposing a data governance framework that works for all.

Read the full policy brief and download it here.

A policy brief by Alan Ichilevici de Oliveira, Kateryna Heseleva, and Vincent Jerald Ramos.


The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Global Solutions Initiative. 


The authors are students at the Hertie School, Berlin of the Master of Public Policy, and members of the extended circle community of the Young Global Changers program.

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