The G20 in the Face of Current Global Challenges

International Institutions Make Decisions that Affect All of Us Since the end of World War II, there was a remarkable growth in the number of global governance actors, with the goal to reduce the chance of war and promote worldwide development by increasing international collaboration. Examples are the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) … Read more

Five Lessons from the Millennials and the Z Generation

“You are too young to understand”. Everyone in their youth has been told this sentence at least once. Yet, today more than ever, this way of saying has become obsolete. Indeed, millennials and representatives of the Z generation – i.e. people born between 1981-1996 and 1996-2019 respectively – have been active shapers of this world’s … Read more

Reflections of a 2020 Young Global Changer

While disappointed not to be able to attend the 2020 Global Solutions Summit in person, and despite having to start his days at 5am, 2020 Young Global Changer Peter Chauvel has described his virtual participation as a “wonderful experience.” He recently caught up with 2017 Young Global Changer, Ken Fullerton. In an interview he shared … Read more

Disability is the Forgotten Frontier of Inclusion & Diversity for ESG Investors

Can We Afford Charity-based Approach to Corporate Disability Inclusion? This Summer’s RI DigiFest had no shortage of reflection-worthy moments. Yet, it was an undoubtedly brilliant (and equally as provocative) contribution by Alex Edmans that left me with an ever-growing urge to respond. While being in favour of [disability] inclusion for moral reasons, Professor Edmans stated: “I don’t know of … Read more

Online Learning for a New Higher Education

The more we can apply lessons from pandemic-era teaching to the programs we develop now, the better we can innovate for tomorrow’s online education. By mid-March, 79 percent of AACSB-surveyed business schools had converted face-to-face classes to online after the COVID-19 health crisis caused colleges and universities around the world to close their doors. The massive shift … Read more

The Peace We Want – A Healthy Environment for All

My name is Gina Cortés Valderrama and I come from a country where the use of weapons has become a norm for establishing control over its citizens. I come from a country that, despite being the second most diverse in the world in terms of flora and fauna, is not able to peacefully enjoy such … Read more

Global Women Pursuing Change

After meeting each other in Berlin at the 2018 Global Solutions Summit, Eduarda Zoghbi from Brazil and Nancy Hoque from the USA, were inspired to continue working together. “We brainstormed, and we wanted to do an initiative where we could share different voices of women from around the world focused on change and action, as … Read more

The Rise of Employee Monitoring in the Workplace

When the pandemic first began, we saw COVID-19 bring many changes into our lives. Now, we are watching as some of these changes transition into what can only be termed as the ‘new normal’. One such change that has been particularly transformational has been the mass transition of the workforce from office desk jobs to … Read more

Localization of Growth for Recoupling Progress

Abstract: The COVID-19 pandemic has not only exposed the loopholes in global health security but is also a dire warning of the fragility of global economic conditions. The International Labour Organisation (ILO) estimates that over the course of the pandemic, unemployment could rise to affect between 5.3 million to 24.3 million1. Developing nations will have … Read more

Beirut Blast: the Tragedy, the Battle and the Imbalance

On August 4 2020, an explosion struck Beirut port and damaged over half the city. The shockwave spread across Lebanon and was even felt 200 kilometers away, in Cyprus. I was getting ready to deliver an online workshop for the MIT Lebanon Challenge Accelerator when everything around me started shaking and ended in two large … Read more

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