Localization of Growth for Recoupling Progress

Abstract: The COVID-19 pandemic has not only exposed the loopholes in global health security but is also a dire warning of the fragility of global economic conditions. The International Labour Organisation (ILO) estimates that over the course of the pandemic, unemployment could rise to affect between 5.3 million to 24.3 million1. Developing nations will have … Read more

Beirut Blast: the Tragedy, the Battle and the Imbalance

On August 4 2020, an explosion struck Beirut port and damaged over half the city. The shockwave spread across Lebanon and was even felt 200 kilometers away, in Cyprus. I was getting ready to deliver an online workshop for the MIT Lebanon Challenge Accelerator when everything around me started shaking and ended in two large … Read more

A Legal Framework for “Corporate Recoupling” in Brazil

2020 has been a year of catastrophic natural hazards and popular uprisings, certainly a historical moment in the making. Orthodox economic principles are being questioned and dismissed, as a regenerative agenda is being pushed forward by progressive agents around the globe. In this context, holistic methodologies like the T-20´s recoupling dashboard could provide policy makers … Read more

Reflecting on the first entirely digital Global Solutions Summit

Like with many other areas of life and work, the Global Solutions Initiative Summit 2020 was unable to escape the impacts of COVID-19. Rather than cancel the Summit entirely, the organisers and sponsors worked to make it an entirely online event. Having attended the inaugural Summit in person as a 2017 Young Global Changer and … Read more

Smart Cities & Communities in the Global Sustainability Paradigm – Part 2

Bridging the vision and reality gap The goal of making cities and communities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable, is well established and highlighted in SDG 11. However, concrete steps must be taken to transform the vision into reality. On a global scale, an efficient, holistic management approach – focused on small coordinated actions with relevant … Read more

Smart Cities & Communities in the Global Sustainability Paradigm – Part 1

Digital (smart) technologies are key enablers in achieving the goal of smart, sustainable cities and communities. Digital transformation is about reinvention of business and management practices. Smart Cities have innovation at its core, with the focus in the past decade being consistently on digital technologies. However, a paradigm shift has been occurring recently that expands … Read more

Empowering Local Businesses and Artisans in Rural Afghanistan

Globalization seemingly creates an ever more connected world, resulting in a growing interdependence of the world’s economies, cultures and populations. However, the way globalization influences regions, countries and individuals differs considerably depending on where you are and who you are. For example, markets in developing economies are interesting to the more developed world primarily as … Read more

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