Empowering Local Businesses and Artisans in Rural Afghanistan

Globalization seemingly creates an ever more connected world, resulting in a growing interdependence of the world’s economies, cultures and populations. However, the way globalization influences regions, countries and individuals differs considerably depending on where you are and who you are. For example, markets in developing economies are interesting to the more developed world primarily as … Read more

Can a Cup of Coffee Change the World?

Since economy and society are embedded in the natural environment, there is an inseparable connection between environmental sustainability and human wellbeing. Awareness of environmental problems and the effects of our daily consumption of products such as coffee is an important requirement for the recoupling of economic and social progress. According to the International Coffee Organization … Read more

Checking the Chain

Abstract: The expansion of globalized production and trade in the last half century has brought tremendous benefits to consumers and producers around the world. However, the true costs of production are often externalized; early stages of these globalized supply chains are notorious for their prevalence of unsafe working conditions, environmentally unsustainable practices, and even forced … Read more

Empowering Young Minds to Realise Their Potential

Empowerment is an essential component of individual wellbeing, but also of the wellbeing of societies, according to the Global Solutions Recoupling Dashboard, a new tool for measuring wellbeing beyond traditional economic approaches. Alexandra Kodjabachi, a Young Global Changer from Lebanon is working towards empowering young people through education. While aware that there are significant global … Read more

Towards a Multilateral Consensus on Data Governance

Abstract: To recouple the benefits of increased digital trade with human and societal well-being on a global level, countries must achieve a consensus on how to regulate data. Past international discussions have shown that while countries have significantly varying approaches to data governance, consensus can still be reached on many issues. This Policy Brief highlights … Read more

Making the SDGs work: A private sector perspective

The Sustainable Development Goals with 169 targets and different indicators serve as a blueprint for solving real-world problems for a variety of stakeholders across the public and private sectors. They have emerged as a guiding framework. With growing consumer awareness, investor pressure, and regulatory requirements, SDGs have come to the forefront of the corporate agenda. … Read more

In Isolation with an Abuser

In the wake of ‘’COVID-19’’, self-isolation became the new normal and we received the stay-at-home order world-over. I have not for one minute been able to blot out of my mind, the day-to-day reality of many victims of domestic and sexual abuse, and the possibility of them sharing the same space with their abusers in this period of self-isolation.  Sherifat is a long-time client of mine and a mother of … Read more

Young Global Changers in Times of COVID-19

An Article by the Young Global Changers Ambassadors. The Young Global Changers is a dynamic network of over 350 young people from all continents, and regions of the world, representing more than 110 different countries. Many of us are engaged in movements and initiatives to bring about positive change, locally, regionally and globally. In the … Read more

A sustainable housing solution

By Ken Fullerton. Globally, around 1.6 billion people lack access to adequate housing, and it’s estimated that $11 trillion will be required to meet the current housing shortage. With a growing global population, finite resources and the effects of climate change it is evident that innovative solutions will be required. Nabeel Siddiqui, who represented Pakistan … Read more

Using technology to empower Indian mothers

According to UNICEF, it is estimated that 44,000 women die due to preventable pregnancy-related causes in India each year while one in five deaths globally is likely to be an Indian lady. Aditya Kulkarni, a 2017 Young Global Changer, and the organisation he co-founded are working to change this. Inspired by a close friend’s sister … Read more

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