The Future of Multilateralism

Multilaterlism and international collaboration are under threat – at a time when we need them most. How can we transform the future of multilateralism? What role can and should the United Nations play? And how do younger generations envision this path?

To address these questions, we wanted to hear from you! A big thank you to eveyone who took the time and participated in the survey below. 
By completing the survey below you did not only helped us to prepare the online event “Young Voices on the Future of Multilateralism“, you have also helped us to determine which topics and questions are most important for the majority. The 2020 Young Global Changers are currently working on evaluating the results of the survey. The final evaluation of the survey will be published here soon.

Multilateralism is under fire, precisely when we need it most”, this 2018 statement by UN Secretary General Guterres seems more pressing now than ever before. The Covid-19 pandemic, an escalating climate crisis and protracted conflicts around the world underscore the exceptional urgency for more global coordination and multilateral solutions. Yet, today’s global order is marked by an increased reliance on unilateralism and zero-sum calculations. Major international climate and security agreements are in jeopardy and put our planet and the future of younger generations at risk. On October 23rd 2020 these issues were at the heart of a public online event with experts from a wide range of fields who will engage with questions, visions and ideas from young people from around the world. The event was a joint project by the Global Solutions Initiative and 1014. The activities will complement the ongoing UN global dialogue initiative, UN75.

German Chancellor Merkel at the Global Solutions Summit

Why participate? Here are at least

Your input will shape a public online debate on October 23rd! We will confront our expert panelists with your input and proposed solutions. We will base future engagement on the topic of multilateralism on your feedback. Your input will inform the discourse of policy thinkers and shapers. Additional activities, further debates and more engagements may follow. Help us put your voices and ideas front and center.

All relevant entries will be included in a short report on the activities of the German Foreign Ministry as part of the Alliance for Multilateralism and their approach to strengthening the multilateral system. The German Federal Foreign Office is currently developing a paper on multilateralism and is looking for your input and ideas! The purpose of the paper is to identify policy options to strengthen multilateralism over the course of the next five years. By providing your answers you will provide valuable input. Work with us and use this chance to have an influence on current political developments. Your feedback is highly appreciated! Selected participants may be invited to provide further contributions and enter into an extended dialogue.

All participants who complete the survey will receive full acces to the digital elements of the Global Solutions Summit in 2021. Your participation will offer more opportunities to engage with relevant global issues, present your ideas and meet policy thinkers and shapers.

Survey in Three Easy Steps:

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Section 1 - General Information: In this first part, we ask for some general information and would like your email address in order to notify you about further participation opportunities in the event and beyond.

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Section 2 - Questions on Multilateralism: Simply put, multilateralism means, states working together instead of against one another to achieve common goals in international politics. Beyond that multilateralism can mean that states (or other actors) together agree on a set of binding rules, informed by a broad agreement on underlying principles or values. The most prominent multilateral institution is the United Nations - which is celebrating its 75th birthday this year. Please let us know by answering the questions below, what you think about the current state and the future multilateralism.

Section 3 - Role of Germany: In this third part, we and the German Federal Foreign Office are asking for your input and ideas. The German Federal Foreign Office is currently developing a paper on multilateralism. The purpose of the paper is to identify concrete policy options to strengthen multilateralism over the course of the next five years. By providing your answer will provide valuable input.
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Thank you very much for taking the time to answer the YGC survey regarding the future of multilateralism!

Do you have a few more minutes? After finishing this survey, please consider to take a survey by the United Nations and help to find answers to the questions whether the crisis we are currently facing will bring the world closer together or if it lead to greater divides and mistrust.
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