Code of conduct

The Global Solutions Initiative’s (GSI) mission …

… is to provide an intellectual backbone for the T20 and T7 processes and thereby for the G20 and G7, pursued in the spirit of global citizenship for the recoupling of economic, social, political and environmental prosperity.

Being strong believers in peaceful cooperation as well as constructive multilateral and multistakeholder dialogue, our commitment to a civil and respectful communication style is self-evident.

Behavior when attending events hosted by GSI

We expect all participants of events hosted by the Global Solutions Initiative – including speakers, partners, guests and team members – to display cooperative behavior. Discrimination, insults, or any kind of assault will not be tolerated, whether it occurs during panels and keynotes, event-related messaging, oral contributions in discussion groups, or individual interactions.

The GSI events team is trained to handle situations of conflict. Please turn to any of our team members should you feel attacked. We also encourage you to speak up for fellow participants if you witness a disagreeable situation by informing a GSI team member.

Content published by platform users

All participants of the Global Solutions Summit are registered users of the summit platform “talque”. They are invited to edit their own profiles, take part in chats and send direct messages to other participants.

By participating in the Global Solutions Summit, you are granting the Global Solutions Initiative, as the platform host, the right to publish, reproduce, and make all publicly shared content accessible to the public, unless it is explicitly declared as single formats operating under the Chatham House Rule or designated as explicitly confidential.

While using the summit platform, you must ensure that all content submitted to the platform is personally authored by you or that you have received permission for its usage.

As a platform user, you are committing to not publishing any content that contains comments, judgments, statements, images, or videos that go against public order and good morals or infringe on the rights of third parties, including, but not limited to:

  1. Identity fraud of a third person.
  2. Remarks/published pictures or images that are violent, defamatory, offensive, malicious, obscene, inciting discrimination or hatred, racist, xenophobic, anti-Semitic, approving war crimes, inciting crime, offense, or acts of terrorism, or contrary to the security of minors.
  3. Counterfeiting the intellectual property rights of a third person.
  4. Remarks regarding the exclusion of liability.

In cases of violation

The processes of the platform are automated. Although the Global Solutions Initiative, as the platform host, scans all registrations and contributions to the summit platform, the host will not review data submitted before its publication to determine whether the content is appropriate or not. However, the Global Solutions Initiative is obliged to immediately follow up on any specific indications that data do not match its standards of conduct.

In cases of violation, the Global Solutions Initiative is authorized to exclude individual platform users from any means of participation such as chats, discussion groups or digital forums, to delete user profiles and block individuals from registering anew. In cases of suspected rights violations, we will also press charges.

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