Policy Advice

The Global Solutions Initiative envisions, proposes and evaluates policy responses to major global problems. In this, the Global Solutions Initiative is inherently solution driven. It generates cutting edge Policy Briefs for the policy leaders of the G20 and other international associations. Decision-makers from policy-making, business and civil society contribute to the formulation of relevant policy proposals and provide a crucial bridge between the recommendations generated by the research institutions and their implementation.

The G20 Inisghts platform offers policy proposales to the Group of 20 (G20) and other international global governance fora. The policy proposals link to relevant G20 initiatives and issues, and are embedded in a current policy framework. Main contributors are distinguished experts from the T20 network and the Global Solutions Initiative’s Council for Global Problem-Solving

The Recoupling Dashboard is a country-specific research tool to measure the wellbeing of societies beyond GDP, which illustrates the correlation of economic prosperity, social prosperity and environmental sustainability. The Recoupling Dashboard’s innovative approach sheds light on the decoupling of societies and provides an empirical basis for mobilizing action in government, business and civil society to promote a recoupling of economic and social progress. 

Together with the German Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection, a comprehensive discourse aimed at maintaining the benefits of the digital world while recoupling the technological advances with economic and social progress has been initiated. The project, which includes an online event and various discussion contributions, was launched on the basis of a policy proposal on Revisiting Digital Macroeconomics by Dennis J. Snower, Paul Twomey, and Maria Farrell.

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