About the Young Global Changers
A network of inspired, determined individuals committed to making the world a better place.
Young Voices on the Future of Multilateralism
How can we transform the future of multilateralism? What role can and should the United Nations play? And how do younger generations envision this path? Online Event: October 23rd, 2020 | 4 pm CEST (Berlin) | 10 am EST (New York)
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What Are We Aiming For?

The overarching goal of the Young Global Changers program is not only to connect inspiring young people from around the world during the Global Solutions Summer School and the Global Solutions Summit in Berlin but to create an engaged global network of young individuals with innovative ideas from across the world to change the world for the better.

We are currently witnessing a trend in many advanced and emerging economies where economic prosperity is increasingly becoming decoupled from social prosperity and environmental sustainability. To stop this trend and to reverse the growing global inequality, the ongoing destruction of the environment, the weakening of democratic institutions, and the decline of international collaboration and trust between nations – a global paradigm shift is urgently needed.

To achieve a meaningful change of directions, the imperative of recoupling the economy with social prosperity and environmental sustainability needs to be urgently addressed in global fora such as the Group of Twenty (G20). The Global Solutions Initiative has set out to provide research-based policy advise to these global fora to facilitate the necessary paradigm shift.

We also believe that in this endeavor to bring about change, giving a voice to the younger generation is crucial – after all, it is the younger generation who will be most affected by today’s actions and inaction on the global political stage. That is why the Global Solutions Initiative initiated the Young Global Changers program in 2017. It strives to empower young changemakers from around the world to become a distinguishable voice on the most pressing global issues – not only to make their demands heard but also to present their own approaches to finding “global solutions” for a better future.

If you have any questions, please contact us at scholarships@global-solutions-initiative.org

Upcoming Events

Online Event: Young Voices on the Future of Multilateralism  | October 23rd, 2020 | 4 pm CEST (Berlin) | 10 am EST (New York) | Learn More

Who Are The Young Global Changers?

The Young Global Changers are students, young academics, young professionals, entrepreneurs and non-profit leaders from around the world who are developing and implementing ideas to bring about positive change, whether at the global, regional or local level.

Each year, the Global Solutions Initiative  invites these inspiring young talents from around the globe to attend a comprehensive summer school program and the Global Solutions Summit in Berlin and to become part of a growing global network. During the program they engage with global thought-leaders and work together on finding solutions to global challenges.

Since 2017, the Young Global Changers program has attracted over 350 students and young professionals from more than 110 different countries.

The 2020 Young Global Changers at the Global Solutions Summit

In 2020, the Global Solutions Summit went digital. The YGCs contributed to the Summit with video statements on each Summit topic to include the voice of the young generation.

Each year outstanding individuals are selected to become part of the YGC network. Learn more about the Class of 2020 and this year´s participants!

The participants get the possibility to attend the Global Solutions Summit and the YGC Summer School as well as joining a thriving community that works towards recoupling societies, economies and the environment.

The Young Global Changers apply for the program with their projects and initiatives that are pushing for change. Find out more about the project and follow the link!

Each year a group of Young Global Changers is selected as Ambassadors for the program. They serve as facilitators for the activities of the community, as mentors to new members, and as representatives of the Young Global Changers community.

The YGC Blog serves as a platform for the Young Global Changers as well as the Extended Circle to publish articles, policy briefs and more on current initiatives or exchanging different perspectives on topics of interests.

We are building an extended network and welcome individuals who are engaged to bring about positive change. Learn about activities of the Young Global Changers and about how you can get engaged as part of our extended circle.
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