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Projects & Initiatives by the Young Global Changers

The Young Global Changers apply for the program with their projects and initiatives that are pushing for change. They are involved in a wide variety of areas and in a wide range of different project types – from involvement in a local community and charitable initiatives, the development of apps and digital platforms, to scientific research projects and the development of sustainable business ideas.

Below you can find out more about their projects.


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In 2022 the Global Solutions Initiative has newly created the “Young Global Changers Recoupling Awards”. The awards seek to recognize concrete practices and impactful youth-led projects that drive change on the ground, while also serving as examples and inspiration beyond their immediate impact. From all applicants 50 “recoupling projects” were selected as semi-finalists of the 2022 Young Global Changers Recoupling Awards. Of these projects, the best 10 were nominated to pitch their project in front of an international jury during the Global Solutions Summit 2022 in Berlin. Learn more about the three award winning projects and how each project drives change in a particular way below.


Green cold chain solution which helps farmers to reduce postharvest losses, offering a vital pathway to alleviate poverty & improve nutrition.





Coffee that challenges supply chain inequity and combats climate change. Kua's closed-loop coffee service offers a powerful alternative to the traditional take-make-waste business model, delivering net-positive outcomes for people and planet.


circular economy

Origin Learning Fund & O-lab app

Non-profit organization and start-up which offers a customizable offline learning app through which they are helping to improve education, inclusivity, sustainability, and digital literacy in rural communities by making digital education more accessible.


social entrepreneurship
political participation


In 2020, ninety young people from around the globe were selected to participate in the Global Solutions Summer School and the Global Solutions Summit. These young changemakers from academica, business and civil society participated in various activities in 2020 as well as in 2021. Due to the COVID pandemic, the summer schools had to take place entirely in the digital space. The 2020/2021 Young Global Changers have applied for the YGC Program with both change projects and research projects. Learn more about their projects below.


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Reforming the e-waste sector in India with the aim of a more socially equitable circular economy, considering the concerns of the urban poor.


circular economy


Training and mobilising citizens in Honduras to become leaders in their communities and meet local challenges with innovative solutions.


social entrepreneurship
political participation


Designing and delivering educational curricula that aim to create a generation of technologically literate citizens in Algeria.


social entrepreneurship
youth empowerment

Aheza Iwacu project by Aniella Niyondiko, Burundi, YGC 2020 – Providing substantive waste reduction services in Burundi by recycling organic waste into fertilizers and improving household food security through bio-intensive agricultural trainings at household levels. Learn more about the project here.

Campus Gemüse project by Johanna Bärnreuther, Germany, YGC 2020 – Creating a connection between students and the local community, promoting local, organic products, and reducing waste by selling vegetables grown by inmates of the local prison on university campus. Learn more about the project here.

Community Solutions Aid – project by Peter N Dolo, Liberia, YGC 2020 Minimizing poverty and social inequality and promoting economic and social developments throughout communities in Liberia. Learn more about the project here.

Dianox – a project by Konjen Huram, Denmark, YGC 2020 – Developing diagnostic biotechnology to scale hepatitis testing globally through an affordable, non-invasive, and anonymous saliva based self-test. Learn more about the project here.

EFden & energiaTa & Future Energy Leaders project by Mihai Toader-Pasti, Romania, YGC 2020 – EFdeN – designing and building green homes, making cities more sustainable, increasing awareness on climate change, energiaTa – creating a more sustainable economy through energy prosumers and Future Energy Leaders Romania – solving the energy trilemma by empowering the new generation. Learn more about the projects here.

Efecto Latam project by Astrid Coraima Torres Bermúdez, Ecuador, YGC 2020 – Establishing an alternative communication platform, seeking to diversify the media landscape and creat new narratives by embracing gender, environmental, and decolonial approaches. Learn more about the project here.

Free Feminist University project by Sophia Branco, Brazil, YGC 2020 – Promoting feminist activism. Learn more about the project here.

Freedom Community Clinic project by Bernadette Lim, United States, YGC 2020 – Providing free medical and holistic healing services to low-income women, children, and families in the San Francisco Bay Area. Learn more about the initiative here.

GeoAsset Project project by Alex Clark, United Kingdom, YGC 2020 – Providing comprehensive, publicy available data for academics, regulators and industry analysts to assess the environmental and social effects of company activities. Learn more about the initiative here.

Gramin Health Care – a project by Anaswara Kovithal, India, YGC 2020 – Providing health care to underserved communities in India with an inclusive business model creating care access through technology enabled service delivery chains, innovations in health financing through prepaid health coverage and healthcare linkages through partnerships. Learn more about the initiative here.

Haifa Youth Movement project by Amir Toumie, Israel, YGC 2020 – Giving Palestinian youths the opportunity to get involved in volunteering projects to make the city of Haifa a better place to live for its Arab residents. Learn more about the project here.

Lively Words project by Lauren Xie, Canada, YGC 2020 – Working to shift systems toward social and ecological regeneration and enabling leaders to act more skillfully and ethically in the face of complexity. Learn more about the initiative here.

My Fair Home project by Sara El Outa, Lebanon, YGC 2020 – Advocating the rights of migrant domestic workers in Lebanon by trying to positively change the attitudes of young people towards them. Read more about the project here.

Open Climate project by Luka Zrnic, Serbia, YGC 2020 – Creating the world’s first open-source carbon accounting platform in order to democratize data around climate change.  Learn more about the initiative here.

Redefine project by Sijia Du, China, YGC 2020 – Empowering Chinese women in China and abroad with a focus on self-discovery, growth, and leadership. Learn more about the project here.

Skaped – project by Sandy Abdelrahman, Egypt, YGC 2020 – Empowering young people to engage in political and social issues and help them to find and use their voice. Learn more about the project here.

Social and Ecological Transformation – project by Cinthya Nicole Jordan Prudencio, Bolivia, YGC 2020 – Providing ideas and policy recommendations to achieve ‘Recoupling’ in Bolivia. Learn more about the project here.

Spoorthi project by Deepti Bharthur, India, YGC 2020 – Strengthening civic engagement of urban poor communities and building leadership skills of young people. Learn more about the project here.

Taking Tech to Remote Africa project by Cindy Adem, Kenya, YGC 2020 – Plugging in youth into the digital economy in marginalized and underdeveloped areas of Africa. Learn more about the initiative here.

Transport for Cairo project by Mohamed Hegazy, Egypt, YGC 2020 Improving urban mobility in emerging cities primarily in Africa by better mapping and understanding informal transport (paratransit), thus optimizing those services. Learn more about the project here.

Trash Monger Limited Recycling Initiative project by Femi Owoeye, Nigeria, YGC 2020 – Collecting, sorting and processing recyclable waste in Nigeria and selling it to manufacturing companies. Learn more about the project here.

Youth Political Project project by Verónica Emilia Carrillo López, Ecuador, YGC 2020 – Increasing the involvement of young people in the political process in Ecuador. Read more about the project here.

— on Causal Effects in Happines Economics a project by Karl Overdick, Germany, YGC 2020 – Researching the causal effect of wellbeing on economic behaviour.

— on Climate Modes project by Petru Vaideanu, Romania, YGC 2020 – Investigating natural and anthropogenic variability through climate modes, looking for tools to provide simplified representations of complex climate systems.

— on Critical Raw Materials project by Andrea Fagan, Ireland, YGC 2020 – Analyzing how to manage Critical Raw Materials (CRM) such as Rare Earth Elements (REE) in a sustainable manner.

— on energy management project by Lisa Gerlach, Germany, YGC 2020 – Analyzing how to improve the technical control of distributed energy storage in microgrids, thus allowing for the integration of large amounts of renewable energy and the democratization of the energy system.

— on Europe´s Digital Platform Economyproject by Tina Krell, Germany, YGC 2020 – Studying the implications of global digital platformization for European actors and institutions. Learn more about the project here.

— on Financial Institutions in Ireland project by Rebecca Kummert, Ireland, YGC 2020 – Facilitating collaboration with financial institutions such as banks to help Ireland achieve its commitments to the Paris Climate Agreement.

— on Firm Clusters and Environmental Outcomes project by Hang Dang, Vietnam, YGC 2020 – Analyzing the economic benefits and social and environmental costs of companies’ spatial concentration in only a few regions worldwide. 

— on Gross national Happiness and Public Diplomacy project by Sudesh Pokhrel, Bhutan, YGC 2020 – Promoting an alternative governance/development model of “Gross National Happiness” for balancing material and immaterial growth.

— on growing up in times of crisis project by Michael Boampong, Ghana, YGC 2020 – Investigating the impact of the 2008 financial crisis and austerity measures on young people´s everyday life. Read more about the project here.

— on Internet governance and media regulations project by Maysa Amer, Egypt, YGC 2020 Strengthening marginalized voices online through legal frameworks in the Middle East.

— on Learning for Employability in Contexts of Economic Despair project by Anas Almassri, Palestine, YGC 2020 – Analyzing learners’ agency in situations of economic despair and promote learner self-agentization in Palestine.

— on Mass-Level Data on EU Political Institutions project by Andrea Giuliani, Italy, YGC 2020 Investigating the impact of mass-level data on the political institutions of the EU.

— on measuring small firm behaviour project by Abiola Oyebanjo, Nigeria, YGC 2020 – Examining ways to motivate small business owners in low-income countries to keep product-level records, thus improving decision-making. Learn more about an additional project here.

— on Optical Neural Networks project by Sinan Genç, Turkey, YGC 2020 – Working on a sensor to identify, classify, and quantify the microplastics in liquid samples.

— on Peace for the XXI century project by Damjan Jugovic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, YGC 2020 Finding the best tools to establish positive peace, a peace for the XXI century.

— on “Rise and Roots” project by Thai Nguyen van Quoc, Vietnam, YGC 2020 – Investigating potential contributions of civil society to environmental governance in Vietnam, specifically the balance between economic growth and society´s concerns for social and environmental impacts of such growth.

— on Small and Medium Sized Enterprises project by Xia Xinming, China, YGC 2020 – Clustering, Spillovers, and the Evolution of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Germany: A Comparative Study with China. Learn more about the project here.

— on sustainable banking project by Andrés Soto, Costa Rica, YGC 2020 – Developing knowledge in sustainable banking and climate change mitigation within the European Union.

— on Technological Sovereignty project on Giulia Carsaniga, Italy, YGC 2020 – Examining how Europe can achieve technological sovereignty by aligning global competitiveness with the need for data protection.

— on the dairy sector of Ireland project by Lyndsay Walsh, Ireland, YGC 2020 – Identifying barriers that prevent the Irish dairy sector to become more sustainable and finding ways to recouple economic prosperity with environmental sustainability. 

— on the new work trends in the Gig Economy project by Lucia Bachoer, Argentina, YGC 2020 – Labor Relations and New Work Trends in times of the Gig Economy and Uberization.

— on the role of business and technology in Sbb-Saharan Africa project by Joyce Treptow, Kenya, YGC 2020 – Towards a new business model from aid to social entrepreneurship: Rethinking the role of business and technology in Sub-Saharan Africa.

— on Waste Regimes in Mexico City project by Michelle Uriarte, Mexico, YGC 2020 – Examining options for a sustainable waste management system in Mexico City.

— on WTO disciplines for purposes of meeting SDGs project by Iuliia Dragunova, Russian Federation, YGC 2020 – Assessing the means of international trade law for the achievement of the SDGs.


In 2019, more than 80 young changermakers from around the globe took part in a comprehensive Summer School in Berlin. They were selected because their projects where outstanding from more than 3500 applications. Learn more about selected projects below.


Cooperative enterprise providing free Fuel Cookies and Smokeless Stoves to rural households in Bhutan. Aiming to save lives and following an inclusive circular economy model to provide clean, reliable and renewable fuel while reducing greenhouse gases and generating jobs.


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circular economy

Invisible (Manchester)

Social enterprise which empowers people experiencing homeless people by hiring them as city guides. Offering high-quality training for people who have experienced homelessness to help them gain confidence, self-esteem and transferable skills.

United Kingdom

social entrepreneurship


Social enterprise that provides “world-positive coffee” for workplaces. Use coffee as a vehicle to inspire fair and circular consumption. 100% of profits fund development programs in Uganda and all waste coffee grounds are collected for repurposing.


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circular economy

ApplicAidproject by Backtosch Mustafa, Germany, YGC 2019 – Social platform, which fights inequality in the education system, by matching scholars from all sorts of scholarships, with less-privileged students. Offers mentoring programs and consultations for students who want to apply to scholarships. Read more about the project here.

Association of Journalists of Macedoniaproject by Dragan Sekulovski, Macedonia, YGC 2019 – Increasing cooperation between journalists and members of the police and judiciary in creating an safe environment in which journalists operate and improved professional standards in the journalistic community. Learn more about the project here.

BIOVATEC project by Minerva Valier Camacho, Mexico, YGC 2019 – Startup committed to the innovation and development of 100% degradable bioplastics made from organic waste such as fruit peels as well as other natural additives. Read more about the project here.

Documentary on Homelessnessproject by Anja-Therese Salomon, Austria, YGC 2019 – Presents different facets of homelessness in Vienna, Europe and Canada. With touching interviews with homeless people, aid agencies and UN-Rapporteur Leilani Farha which give moving insights into the reality of life on the street. Read more about the project here.

Modulus Techproject by Nabeel Siddiqu, Pakistan, YGC 2019 – Provide sustainable living for all. Started this journey by building self-sustaining communities for the most underserved segments of society, providing not just homes but better health, stability, and economic opportunities. Learn more about the project here.

NYDRO ENERGYproject by David Alejandro Trejo Pizzo, Argentina, YGC 2019 –  Startup developing a “smart meter” which aims at making the eletricity grid more decentralized and flexible. Aiming to bridge the gap between renewable energy sources and communities off the grid. Learn more about the project here.

Rasan Organizationproject by Ayaz Kado, Syria, YGC 2019 – Non governmental organization working to defend women and LGBTQI rights in Iraq generally and Kurdistan specifically. Working in different areas to achieve goals such as, protection, awareness, capacity build. It Provide legal, social and psychological assistance and works continuously to raise awareness and educate people about their rights to avoid exploitation. Learn more here.

Xyla Waterproject by Dalya O M Alnajjar, Palestine, YGC 2019 – Global impact venture aimed at solving global water innovations through innovation, education, collaborations and grass root projects to ensure that every human on earth has access to safe and clean drinking water. Read more about the project here

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