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2022 Young Global Changers Recoupling Awards

On March 28-29, 2022 the 10 finalists were invited to attend the 2022 Global Solutions Summit in Berlin, where they presented their projects in front of an international jury in an hybrid event. The three jury members – Katharina Lima de Miranda (Research Director, Council for Global Problem-Solving), Abir Ibrahim (Founder, Inua Naturals & YGC Ambassador for Africa) and Guillaume Lafortune (Vice President & Head of Paris Office, Sustainable Development Solutions Network) – evaluated the projects not only according to the extent to which they contribute to recoupling; they also looked for particularly novel, unique and original approaches that address specific issues that have been neglected so far. The awards ceremony was opened by Ole Spies (YGC Program Lead) and  moderated by the Declan Curry. Special guests were the renowned economist Jeffrey Sachs (Professor & Director of the Center for Sustainable Development, Columbia University) and Dennis Snower (President, Global Solutions Initiative). The jury selected a winner as well as a 2nd and 3rd prize.

Watch the award recording here or learn more about the young changemakers and their amazing projects of the 2022 cohort below!

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Meet the Winners!

Get to know the jury selected 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners of the 2022 Recoupling Awards:  Mathias Charles Yabe of AkoFresh, Brianna Kerr of Kua, and Tania Rosas of Origin Learning Fund & O-lab app.

Congratulations to these remarkable young global changemakers for their incredible and inspiring achievements!

1. AkoFresh

Green cold chain solution which helps farmers to reduce postharvest losses, offering a vital pathway to alleviate poverty & improve nutrition.

2. Kua

Coffee that challenges supply chain inequity and combats climate change. Kua’s closed-loop coffee service offers a powerful alternative to the traditional take-make-waste business model, delivering net-positive outcomes for people and planet.

3. Origin Learning Fund & O-lab app

Non-profit organization and start-up which offers a customizable offline learning app through which they are helping to improve education, inclusivity, sustainability, and digital literacy in rural communities by making digital education more accessible.

Meet the Other Finalists

Climatize Earth Inc.

Platform which is helping credit card users to invest into crowd-financing clean energy projects. They are aiming to democratize, decarbonize, and decentralize the energy transition.

Citizen-led Tracking

Initiative focused on empowering grassroots community stakeholders to strengthen public service delivery. They demand accountability on government expenditure and work to enhance transparency

D\carb Future Economy Forum

Forum for dialogue between multi-stakeholders on one the most pressing challenges of the green economic transformation decarbonization.

Octopus Indonesia

Waste management application that allows users to manage their waste, find nearby waste collectors for waste pick-up and help to improve recycling knowledge and overall recycling rate. The platform operates in six cities in Indonesia with more than 9000 waste collectors using their app, providing professional services to more than 100.000 users, and it promotes environmental sustainability and economic empowerment by integrating informal actors into an efficient waste management system.


A social initiative that provides an economic engine that enables productive vulnerable groups, particularly women, to have access to services that significantly improve their economic opportunities and quality of life.



Non-profit project which offers trainings for self-employment and self-sustainable organic food production. The project aims to empower displaced orphans as well as marginalized women from war affected communities.

SINA Global - Social Innovation Academy

Initiative which promotes self-organized learning spaces for marginalized youth and refugees in eight African countries. Through their work they are empowering youth, promoting self-development of personal and professional skills so that the participants can find their own solutions and create start-ups.

Meet the 40 Semi-Finalists

Learn more about the remaining top 40 “recoupling projects” of 2022. Scroll through the list below and learn about how each project drives change in a particular way. All 40 candidates below have officially been named “2022 Young Global Changer” alongside the 10 finalists.

climate &




diversity &

& infrastructure



education, skills & tech

Upcycle Africa

Initiative which builds houses eco-friedly by using plastic bottles. Through their work they are helping to reduce environmental pollution and create job opportunities for community members

Escola Comum

Initiative working to strengthen democracy by promoting political and environmental education and empowering youth leaders from social vulnerability areas.

House For All

Community centered sustainable housing solution offered by the initiative Needlab. By applying the principles of a circular economy, they promote employment and sustainable development for the region.

Idas Valley Community Trails

Initiative which offers community based environmental cleaning and training sessions to promote community powered tourism in South Africa. They aim to create an inclusive, safe, educational recreation space for the community and tourists while also promoting sustainable employment.

Project Três

Non-profit organization supporting women from vulnerable backgrounds to become skilled artisans in India and Kenya and helping them into economic independence.

Hype Sri Lanka

Youth Empowerment Incubator which aims to change paradigms in youth development by mainstreaming the alternative approach of Youth Empowerment Incubation. The project supports the SDGs by creating effective youth and development systems led by the youth themselves.

Skate Gals & Pals hub

Initiative which promotes community building and social action through skating. Their activities aim to improve social cohesion and empower marginalized communities.

My Constitution My Saviour

Initiative which promotes and protects childrens rights. With their work they are aiming to promote youths access to democratic processes. This includes providing local youth with constitutional knowledge and skills to enable them to create lasting systemic change in their community.

Femme First Foundation

Non-profit organization which works to amplify women’s leadership in Indian politics. Through this they are promoting women's political empowerment through capacity-building, mentorship, and advocacy.

European Debate Initiative

Non-profit organisation which organizes debates about european and global affairs. Their aim is to get young people involved in european affairs through dialogues & to build bridges between different parts of society.


Social impact organization which is providing access to quality education through the use of digital technologies with a focus on the human, academic, and professional development of Brazilian students. They are empowering low-income students and promote youth leadership on environmental and social challenges.

SMB Acceleration

Voluntary mentoring project with a focus on management, finance and digital marketing for local small, medium businesses and entrepreneurs. The project aims to enable local development by fostering linkages between the public and private sectors and civil society.


Start-up offering solar-powered battery swapping services for last-mile transport. By extending the range of vehicles they are doubling the operator's daily income, utilizing solar energy, improving environmental benefits with extended battery life and creating franchisee micro-energy entrepreneurs nationwide.


Start-up which aims to improve transperancy and communication in waste management streams. By eliminating the status quo in the waste management sector they aim to recouple economy prosperity with environmental sustainability.


Educational initiative which empowers high-school students and mentors to learn more about STEM and Robotics. By engaging kids in mentor-based programs they enable them to become science/technology leaders and innovators

Artechubs Nigeria

Initiative which offers stem education programs for young people in rural and suburban communities. They are empowering youth through robotics, engineering, and software development with skills for the future workforce.

Transport for Cairo

Activist consultancy working to improve urban mobility in emerging cities in Africa. They promote sustainable mobility in emerging cities with the aim to create new knowledge, change public debates and shift policies.
South Africa

Africa Matters Initiative

Youth-led organisation which is committed to upskilling & empowering African youth. The organization promotes upskilling, empowering and educating Africa's youth boom through critical skills building and community impact projects.

Latam Effect: Journalism Laboratory for Inequalities

Independent journalism platform in Ecuador focused on diversifying voices that are narrated in stories and investigations. The platform promotes the spread of knowledge and makes calls to action in order to reduce inequality gaps and negative impacts on nature.

Green Hope Foundation

Youth-led social initiative which works to localize the SDGs by providing education and developmental assistance for a village in Bangladesh. With their work they are enabling youth to lead the process of supporting the SDGs and building back better after Covid-19 pandemic

Bullyid App

Online platform which allows victims of cyberbullying to speak with licensed psychologists and lawyers. By offering advice and the possibility of reporting, the online App helps to empower vicitims of online gender-based violence and cyberbullying.


Youth-led non-profit organization that aims to promote youth participation in nation-building through media and information literacy. They are addressing civic issues such as environment and peace as well as bridging digital gaps through the ProMIL project which is a series of capacity-building online workshops for schools and youth organizations.


Social start-up which produces 3D printers with recycled materials and is training young people in Favelas how to use them. Through the production of low-cost 3D printing devices and a training program for disadvantaged youth the project is actively promoting sustainability and social inclusion.

Food Security for Peace & Nutrition Africa

Initiative improving digital food safety from farm to fork. With an agriculture supply value chain platform as well as with technology to improve access to food and its distribution to consumers in Kenya, Nigeria and Tanzania, they respond to limited access to food for millions of consumers in urban areas and provide market access for more than 50 million smallholder farmers.

Samsara Creation

A social enterprise working with the local artisans of Nepal to upcycle textiles & plastic waste into eco-friendly bags and accessories which is supporting the achievement of the SDGs by encouraging responsible consumption and a sharing economy.


Data-based sustainable agriculture model which connects sustainable farmers and customers. They promote an inclusive and people-centric approach with which they are aiming to solve the problem on food wastage and extensive practice of conventional farming.

Fundación Estrategas Para la Vida

Agriculture project which promotes a sustainable alternative greenhouse for indigenous communities in Northern Colombia. With the project they are addressing gender inequalities and help to generate more sustainable development opportunities in the region


Platform organizing workshops that amplify art as a form of social protest. By using creative art forms they aim to influence change in local communities.

Diverse Young Leaders (DYL)

Initiative advocating for more diverse and inclusive youth leadership. The initiative is working digitally to break down barriers and enhance the voices of young PoC as civil society actors.

Aadiwasi Janjagruti

They train youth from rural India to shoot and edit videos using their own mobile phones and freeware. By doing so, they aim to create social awareness and raise local issues at the grassroots level.

YOUTHive Nepal

Network of young people which promotes youth leadership through mentoring and peer to peer learning. The networks aims to build resilience by creating inclusive socio-economic opportunities for young people

Montreux Global Seminar

Seminar organized by the "Young World Federalists": fostering collaboration between young people concerned with global problems. The initiative is promoting a holistic approach to global problems by recognizing the impossibility of separating ecology, economy, society and politics.

The Millennials Movement

Youth lead organization which aims to engage people in the sustainable development processes of their communities. With their work, the organization promotes active citizenship.

ModulusTech Pvt. Ltd.

Start-up which builds cost effective living spaces, in a short time, with 90% reduction in embodied carbon. Through their work, they promote the goal of net zero emissions.

Concerned Generation Network (CGNSL)

Social enterprise that works with rural farmers producing raw ginger and processes it into an economically preservable ginger powder. 25% of the generated revenue are used to support educational programs in rural communities


Recycling company which produces fertilizer from waste and is teaching rural woman bio-agriculture skills. With their work, they are working to tranform Burundi into a zero waste country with a circular economy approach.

OpenPolicy Europe

Online hub which aims to promote understanding and participation in European policymaking. By providing fundamental knowledge about policymaking processes they are promoting civil engagement.

Ajegunle Children Library & Discovery Center

First children's library in the community with free access to books, science, technology, art and games. The project aims to establish more children libraries and offers quality programs to bridge education inequality gaps and transform low income communities.


Online social enterprise which teaches english and coding skills to youth in Brazilian favelas. They are working to empower youth to become experts in solving problems of their communities by using technology.

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