The Global Solutions Initiative’s publications reflect important issues and research areas of the Group of Twenty (G20) work agenda that are of special interest to G20 policymakers.

The Global Solutions Journal, published multiple times throughout the year, showcases articles from various G20 stakeholders (academia, politics, business, civil society).

G20 Insights publishes the latest research-based Policy Briefs addressing G20 issues throughout the year. It serves as a repository for Think20 (T20) Policy Briefs generated under G20 Presidencies over the years but also welcomes Policy Briefs that were written outside the T20 process. Policy Briefs can take two forms: 
(1) Recommendations are significant, implementable policy proposals for specified G20 decision-makers or related international fora.
(2) Visions are conceptual frameworks to help policymakers develop promising approaches to policy formation and communicate these approaches to the public.

Global Solutions Papers contain recommendations or visions for policymakers that deal with major global challenges. The articles are research-based and are written in nontechnical language appropriate for a broad spectrum of readers, including economic decision-makers and participants in economic policy discussion.

Commentaries and articles are written by members of the Global Solution Initiative’s Executive Committee or members of the Global Solutions Initiative’s core community and are frequently picked up in the global media.  

The Young Global Changers blog allows all participants of the Young Global Changers program to connect with one another and present the important work they are doing as part of the global Young Global Changers network. Here Young Global Changers can publish reports, proposals and commentaries on important global issues.

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