On the Education of Girls in Afghanistan

A functioning education system is vital to democracy worldwide. Without an education system that reaches all parts of society and ultimately the world, democracy is just an empty promise. In Afghanistan where I have been born and educated, I have experienced that, a robust and accessible Afghan education system was and is hampered by a … Read more

Sustainable Finance

You’ve probably heard the term ESG before and might be concerned about how much about it is true and what is just pure greenwashing. Whether or not you are familiar with ESG at all, this Blog aims to provide a comprehensive overview of what sustainable finance is and whether or not it actually makes a … Read more

International Youth Day should be practical not ceremonial

On December 17, 1999, The UN general Assembly endorsed the recommendation made by the World Conference of ministers responsible for youth calling for August 12 to be declared International Youth Day. The day is celebrated to bring the youth issues to the attention of the international community and celebrate the potential of youth as partners … Read more

My Experience in Advocacy for Disability Inclusion

Advocacy is thrilling, satisfying and greatly empowering, especially for me as a person with a disability. However, it can also be draining and frustrating at times. We, as a disability community are not only politically under-represented but also under-developed and under-powered as well. I see four main challenges, so far: 1) People see us as … Read more

How Youth is Driving Change Locally and Globally

There is no doubt that we need change. We, as youth, feel compelled to fight for our waning future. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and after COP26 you can only conclude it will get more desperate. This is where I believe local and global movements have the ability to create change. As an active … Read more

Awakening to Russian Aggression

The invasion of Ukraine must stir the global community to action in support of a besieged nation and the human rights at stake in the fight. I could not sleep on the night of February 24. Something was amiss. I grabbed my phone and checked the news. Then I knew it. Russia had invaded Ukraine … Read more

Financial Inclusion – A Key Enabler

Financial Inclusion is a Key Enabler to Reducing Unemployment, Poverty and Enhancing Prosperity Living in a world that is faced with so many, divers and pressing issues, it becomes a challenge for any leader to identify one issues as the most important one. With recently emerging issues such as civil war in Ethiopia which has … Read more

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