The Peace We Want – A Healthy Environment for All

My name is Gina Cortés Valderrama and I come from a country where the use of weapons has become a norm for establishing control over its citizens. I come from a country that, despite being the second most diverse in the world in terms of flora and fauna, is not able to peacefully enjoy such … Read more

Global Women Pursuing Change

After meeting each other in Berlin at the 2018 Global Solutions Summit, Eduarda Zoghbi from Brazil and Nancy Hoque from the USA, were inspired to continue working together. “We brainstormed, and we wanted to do an initiative where we could share different voices of women from around the world focused on change and action, as … Read more

The Rise of Employee Monitoring in the Workplace

When the pandemic first began, we saw COVID-19 bring many changes into our lives. Now, we are watching as some of these changes transition into what can only be termed as the ‘new normal’. One such change that has been particularly transformational has been the mass transition of the workforce from office desk jobs to … Read more

A Legal Framework for “Corporate Recoupling” in Brazil

2020 has been a year of catastrophic natural hazards and popular uprisings, certainly a historical moment in the making. Orthodox economic principles are being questioned and dismissed, as a regenerative agenda is being pushed forward by progressive agents around the globe. In this context, holistic methodologies like the T-20´s recoupling dashboard could provide policy makers … Read more

Smart Cities & Communities in the Global Sustainability Paradigm – Part 1

Digital (smart) technologies are key enablers in achieving the goal of smart, sustainable cities and communities. Digital transformation is about reinvention of business and management practices. Smart Cities have innovation at its core, with the focus in the past decade being consistently on digital technologies. However, a paradigm shift has been occurring recently that expands … Read more

Empowering Young Minds to Realise Their Potential

Empowerment is an essential component of individual wellbeing, but also of the wellbeing of societies, according to the Global Solutions Recoupling Dashboard, a new tool for measuring wellbeing beyond traditional economic approaches. Alexandra Kodjabachi, a Young Global Changer from Lebanon is working towards empowering young people through education. While aware that there are significant global … Read more

Making the SDGs work: A private sector perspective

The Sustainable Development Goals with 169 targets and different indicators serve as a blueprint for solving real-world problems for a variety of stakeholders across the public and private sectors. They have emerged as a guiding framework. With growing consumer awareness, investor pressure, and regulatory requirements, SDGs have come to the forefront of the corporate agenda. … Read more

In Isolation with an Abuser

In the wake of ‘’COVID-19’’, self-isolation became the new normal and we received the stay-at-home order world-over. I have not for one minute been able to blot out of my mind, the day-to-day reality of many victims of domestic and sexual abuse, and the possibility of them sharing the same space with their abusers in this period of self-isolation.  Sherifat is a long-time client of mine and a mother of … Read more

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