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The Global Solutions Initiative is a global collaborative enterprise that proposes policy responses to major global problems, addressed by the G20, the G7 and other global governance fora. The policy recommendations and strategic visions are generated through a disciplined research program by leading research organizations, elaborated in policy dialogues between researchers, policymakers, business leaders and civil society representatives.

The Global Solutions Initiative was founded during the 2017 German G20 Presidency. Since then, the Global Solutions Initiative supports the Think20 process for think tanks. Read more about the Global Solutions Initiative’s Vision & Mission.

Policy Advice


Measuring what you treasure: The Recoupling Dashboard

To stop fragmentation among societies and to ensure economic activities are carried out sustainably, the use of GDP as an indicator of prosperity is no longer enough. 

D. Snower (Global Solutions Initiative), K. Lima de Miranda (IfW Kiel)

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Toward global paradigm change

To make progess recoupling our economic, political and social domains, we need to go back to basics and inquire how humanity has managed to perform massive acts of cooperation in the past. Read more

D. Snower (Global Solutions Initiative)


Quality infrastructure investment: Ways to increase the rate of return for infrastructure investments

This paper points out the importance of high-quality infrastructure investment where quality is measured by how much economic and social value can be created by infrastructure projects in a region. Read more

S. Lakhia (ADBI), N. Hendriyetty (ADBI), N. Yoshino (ADBI)




Global Solutions Summit 2020 will offer participation in virtual sessions

On account of the Coronavirus epidemic and the international reactions to it, the Global Solutions Summit needs to be reconceived. It cannot take place in its current format, scope and international on-site presence in Berlin on April 20-21. 

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Measuring what you treasure: The Recoupling Dashboard

To stop the fragmentation of societies and to shape a sustainable economy, we require more than GDP and more than shareholder value as guides for governments and businesses. Measuring wellbeing must also take into consideration social solidarity and personal agency, as well as environmental sustainability.

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Global Solutions Summit 2019

From United Nations to United Societies

With Saudi Arabia taking over the G20-presidency in December 2019, an Arabic nation is leading the intergovernmental body for the first time. In a commentary Dennis Snower looks back on the Japanese presidency, looks forward to the upcoming, and highlights successes and challenges for multilateralism.

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"The US has provided a perfect example of what not to do as the country pushes its 'US-first' ideology to the extreme," explains Markus Engels, Secretary-General of @glob_solutions. @g20org #Covid19 #G20VirtualSummit Read more: https://today.rtl.lu/news/world/a/1490308.html

"The @g20org's decision to host a video conference allowing for an exchange between the #G20 leaders was a welcome initiative and the outcome, the G20 declaration on the #Covid19 pandemic, is a document of global resolve." - Markus Engels, Secretary-General @glob_solutions

Please welcome the YGC Ambassadors! We are happy that these inspiring young people from all over the world will help us to show how projects & business initiatives are able to recouple economy with social or ecological needs👏🌍 #YGC17 #YGC18 #YGC19 #YGC20

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