Anna-Katharina Hornidge (li) und Dennis Snower(re) bei der Übergabe des Communique an Bundeskanzler Olaf Scholzbeim Empfang der  Mitglieder der Think7-Delegation
8 June 2022

Think7 Summit Summary

On, the Global Solutions Initiative reports on the Think7 Summit, which took place on 23-24 May in Berlin. More than 300 participants attended this event. If you missed it, you now have the opportunity to watch the recordings of many Think7 sessions. Moreover, you will find about 70 policy recommendations and issue papers on this dedicated Think7 website – and the Think7 Communiqué. A Think7 delegation handed over this main recommendation to German Chancellor Scholz after the Think7 Summit. 

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Global Solutions Summit Berlin 2022 ESMT Berlin
3 May 2022

From G20 to G19?

At first glance, Russia’s exclusion from the G20 seems plausible. However, it cannot be overlooked that China is opposed to Russia’s isolation and that the current G20 presidency Indonesia as well as the next one – India – have also remained neutral at the UN. Markus Engels, Secretary General of the Global Solutions Initiative, discusses what this means for the international community in a guest article.

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29 April 2022

Online: Replay the Global Solutions Summit 2022

Global Solutions Summit 2022 is now available online. Watch the recordings and dive  into working groups discussing policy recommendations for this year’s Indonesian G20 and German G7 presidency. High-ranking representatives of the German G7 and Indonesian G20 presidencies, and from politics, science, business, and civil society, discussed joint approaches to the most important global challenges. 

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Policy Advice


Capitalism Recoupled

This paper examines major forces that have decoupled economic and business prosperity from social prosperity and explores how recoupling can be promoted. Economists have specified well-known conditions under which free-market enterprise with shareholder value maximization is efficient. 

D. Snower (Global Solutions Initiative),
C. Kelly (PwC)

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The Socioeconomics of Pandemics Policy

To encourage people around the world to cooperate globally in tackling global problems, policymakers at local, national and global levels will need to encourage people around the world to cooperate globally in tackling global problems, with the aid of two powerful tools that humans throughout history have used to coordinate their efforts: identity-shaping narratives and institutions of multi-level governance. Read more.

D. Snower (Global Solutions Initiative)


Measuring what you treasure: The Recoupling Dashboard

To stop fragmentation among societies and to ensure economic activities are carried out sustainably, the use of GDP as an indicator of prosperity is no longer enough. 

D. Snower (Global Solutions Initiative), K. Lima de Miranda (IfW Kiel)

The Recoupling Dashboard »

Who we are

The Global Solutions Initiative is a global collaborative enterprise comprised of a network of world-renowned think tanks.  It proposes policy responses to major global problems, addressed by the G20, the G7 and other global governance fora.

Our Vision

  • To provide research-based policy advice to help governments tackle major global challenges of the G20 and beyond
  • To generate proposals for aligning business, civil societies and governments for global problem-solving to address human needs in thriving societies
  • To start a world-wide movement that aims to recouple economic, political and environmental prosperity with social prosperity

Our Mission

  • To provide an intellectual backbone for the T20 process and thereby for the G20, pursued in the spirit of global citizenship for the recoupling of economic, social, political and environmental prosperity.
The Global Solutions Initiative was founded during the 2017 German G20 Presidency by the Initiative’s President Dennis J. Snower. The Global Solutions Initiative is a stepping stone to the T20 and G20 Summits and supports the Think20 process for think tanks. 

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