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2024 Recoupling Awards

In 2024, the Recoupling Awards were reimagined to specifically platform projects that focused on business, social & climate action, as well as civic engagement focused work. From nearly 700 applications, 52 young global changemakers were selected join the Young Global Changers community and have the opportunity to attend the compete on stage for the 2024 YGC Recoupling Awards.  Learn more about the projects and initiatives that are at the forefront of recoupling efforts below.

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Meet the 15 Finalists

Meet the finalists invited to the 2024 Global Solutions Summit, vying for the 2024 Young Global Changers Recoupling Awards. Discover their innovative projects below. These remarkable individuals are leading the charge in redefining our future, dedicated to recoupling economic, social, and environmental prosperity. We look forward to welcoming them on stage at the 2024 Global Solutions Summit!

Reimagine Business Finalists

Business and commercial activities can drive economic growth, provide employment opportunities, and spark innovation. At the same time, many current business practices lead to excessive waste production, contribute to the depletion of natural resources, exacerbate climate degradation, and perpetuate poor working conditions.  These businesses actively and uniquely align their business activies with social and environmental prosperity.

TransEnd Crafts

TransEnd Crafts is the first-ever eCommerce platform in Bangladesh aiming to bridge the gap between the marginalized LGBTQIA+ artisans and the mainstream retailing/e-commerce field, including the LGBTQIA+ artisans into the social-economic safety net through Handicraft Training, Tech-Logistics-Marketing Support, and Employment & Entrepreneurship.

Wayru Perú

Wayru tackles the inequitable distribution of water, empowering communities to use water efficiently in vulnerable underserved communities without access to safe water and affected by the climate crisis. Wayru achieves this by offering technology and knowledge because tangible innovations hand in hand with education are the keys to reduce the social fragmentation while generating unparalleled water savings.

Nyansapo AI

Nyansapo AI provides parents, teachers, school managers, and NGOs with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning powered training, resources, and tools to teach literacy and numeracy according to the actual learning gaps of children to ensure that no child is left behind.​ Nyansapo AI focuses on improving literacy and numeracy skills among children, particularly in underserved communities. By providing tools and resources for personalized learning through AI, the project contributes to the development of a more educated and skilled workforce.

Pine Kazi

PineKazi is an innovative material science company that manufactures sustainable textiles exclusively from post-harvest pineapple waste. Pine Kazi creates sustainable textiles that integrate conscientious design, artisanal skills and inspiring stories. The organization has set out to revolutionize the textile industry by combining innovative material technology with a commitment to sustainability and social impact.

Mi Terro

Mi Terro is a venture-backed advanced material company that engineers low-value biomass waste into high-value hydrophilic and hydrophobic biomaterials to end microplastics and hunger at a cheaper price than conventional plastic and cuts down up to 80% less CO2 emissions. Mi Terro uses a selection of biopolymers and natural fibers with the aim to maximize the use of side streams, second generation (non-food feedstock) and certified biomasses.

Reimagine Social & Climate Action Finalists

Many individuals, and disadvantaged groups around the world face significant challenges in accessing basic services like healthcare, food, housing, or education. At the same time environmental crises like climate change, environmental pollution and biodiversity loss are accelerating - threatening our natural environment and exacerbating social imbalances.

These people-first approached projects actively and uniquely directly support societies impacted by systemic inequities or climate degradation.

The Nitibu (Healing) Points

The Nitiby (healing) Point (TNP) are digital health points in healthcare limited settings enabling vulnerable undeserved population in indigenous communities to own their health, prevent disease and connect with advanced care in their local mother languages. TNP are solar powered health micro-house points located in selected communities which serves as first healthcare points in healthcare resource limited settings where there is no dispensary, health center and hospitals. Patients can receive health education in their mother languages, meet doctors virtually, organize immunization, prevent future diseases and treat each other using common community AID.

Forest Guards Film

The project addresses the urgent need for ecological protection and safeguarding the well-being of our forest guards in the Philippines, a country tagged as the deadliest for environment defenders. Despite having healthy forests predominantly on Indigenous lands, these communities remain vulnerable. The project employs a strategic framework encompassing Arts and Documentary, Awareness-Raising, Urgent Mobilization, Capacity Development, Coalition-Building, Data Storytelling, Legal Assistance, and Public Policy. Acknowledging the important roles of the forest guards, there are insufficient knowledge and policies for the welfare of these defenders. Therefore, the project integrates the arts and public policies, fostering a holistic approach to championing these vital environmental protectors.

Peddle Innovation Labs

Peddle innovation labs is a mobile and digital classroom innovatively designed to fit in a box and accommodate a minimum of 50 mini-computers that are powered by solar Energy with a digital platform for gamified learning. This affords young people from the poorest households such as refugee camps to instantly convert already existing space anywhere into a digital classroom for learning.


LivingWater Systems

LivingWaters Systems is a social enterprise that assists frontline aid organizations serving refugees and off-grid settlements with renewable clean water. They do so by providing a more affordable, durable, and rapidly deployable way of provisioning potable water at the doorstep via the world's first portable rain harvesting gutters for all pitched housing in an off-grid or refugee settlement.


StandWeSpeak, an award-winning, SexTech venture, is building “A 21st century sexual health ecosystem for Millennials and GenZ.” By leveraging AI technology, the project is developing Mae - an anonymous, non-judgmental, one stop Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRHR) platform to empower young people to make informed decisions about their bodies, relationships and lives. It provides personalized solutions to users based on their age, gender, location, and needs.

Reimagine Civic Engagement Finalists

Around the world, citizens' trust in government, administration and public institutions is declining-populism and nationalism are on the rise. At the same timje, we are winessing a lack of transparency and accountability for decision makers and lack of oportunies for citizes and civil society to engage and participate actibvely in important decisions that affect their lives.
The following selected projects directly support the powershifting towards citizens to engage in the civic space.

Urban Youth Councils

Urbanh Youth Councils is establishing a model of civic empowerment through engaging youth at local level decision-making, particularly at the city authorities in Bangladesh. The urban youth council is participatory, and grounded in the value of democracy and, meaningful and inclusive youth participation, and it is directly working with the city authorities/local government and creating sustainable civic space for young people at the grassroots level.

Xhuma Africa Association

Xhuma Africa is a youth-led not for profit association of young people who have experienced first-hand the damaging consequences of armed violence in Cameroon and decided to act and contribute to peacebuilding and environmental preservation. The primary beneficiaries of our community engagement activities are young people. In this regard, we take advantage of the power of peer influence to inspire young people to create peace through diverse activities they engage into on daily basis.

Etmaa'en. اطمان

Etmaa'en is addressing corruption and the misconduct within governmental bodies and institutions by providing a secure, anonymous, intelligent, and user-friendly digital reporting platform. Our solution ensures the protection of whistleblowers' identities while offering comprehensive support resources, thus empowering individuals to report confidently, and also educate them. Not only does Etmaa'en empower reporting corruption but, they also encourage reporting by a rewards program.

National Civic Education Network

The National Network of Civic Education is committed to strengthening democracy in Brazil by enhancing the civic education ecosystem. Among its key initiatives is the National Civic Education Meeting, which in 2023 gathered over 240 civic education influencers in a groundbreaking platform for experience sharing. Additionally, with a strong focus on advocacy, the NNCE are actively engaged in dialogue and collaboration with high-level government authorities and ministers, advocating for the integration of civic education in classrooms across Brazil, aiming for a more informed and democratic society.

Strengthening and Sustaining Fiscal Transparency and Accountability

This project aims to revolutionize civic engagement as a cornerstone for enhancing fiscal transparency and accountability in The Gambia. Recognizing the pivotal role of informed citizenry in promoting good governance, this initiative seeks to leverage technology and community-driven initiatives to empower citizens, foster collaboration, and ensure sustainable fiscal practices.

Meet the Semi-Finalists

Get to know the rest of the 2024 Young Global Changers below! As ever, this dynamic cohort is unwaveringly committed to redefining the future. These inspiring individuals are at the forefront of recoupling economic, social, and environmental prosperity, earning well-deserved recognition for their dedication. Join us in celebrating these trailblazers and their impactful endeavors towards positive change on a global scale.

Reimagine Business

Sirius X Energy

Sirius X Energy is a sustainable energy firm that specializes in solar and wind energy conversion and is made up of skilled and experienced individuals. They are exploiting an existing network of energy generators in the Nigerian sector to bring an innovative solar wind hybrid system to the Nigerian renewable energy market and Sub-Saharan Africa at large with a goal to increase the availability of micro wind energy technologies in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Girls Power Fund

Girls Power Fund was founded to empower young women to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). Providing high school students with hands-on experience in coding, web development and project design, the fund has worked with over 700 girls. Each program is created using a participatory design process, allowing program participants to voice their interests, aspirations and needs in the development of the curriculum.


Daahuk works with a wetland-centric community in the Tanguar Haor region of Bangladesh which is among the country's most impoverished communities and is greatly affected by climate change impacts (like early flash floods that disrupt their primary livelihood, agriculture). Daahuk facilitates climate-resilient boat-based livelihood schemes for this community as a sustainable alternative. Our work creates a pathway for reliable income generation that can also make the community climate resilient.

Bio Treasure

BioTreasure is providing innovative, portable small scale biogas plants enabling people to utilize their own resources and helping them to convert their bio-waste to clean biogas for cooking and bio-fertilizers for their farms. With innovative business model, their system also provides portable biogas storage bags that enable the user to resell the access biogas and make revenues!

Urban Tech for Hope

Urban Tech For Hope is a social enterprise that uses technology to improve access to healthcare, education, and other essential services for underserved communities in Kenya. They are providing cutting-edge telemedicine services at your fingertips. Their platform is a result of collaboration between clinicians and patients.


Komerce empowers Indonesian rural youths by offering comprehensive training in cutting-edge e-commerce skills, commonly referred to as Skills 4.0. This includes in-depth education in online advertising, customer service, social media management, live selling techniques, and content creation—providing them with expertise aligned with the demands of the digital era. Through Komerce, these rural youths not only acquire invaluable skills but also gain access to sustainable employment opportunities.

Sheria Kiganjani

Sheria Kiganjani is a modern digital platform that grants low- and middle-income individuals' remote access to a comprehensive suite of legal services through their mobile phones and computers. Sheria Kiganjani offers users 24/7 online legal consultation, connections to local advocates, simplified Swahili language legal Q&A, and access to draft legal documents and precedent cases.

All Space

AllSpace is an innovative social enterprise focused on using recycled materials to construct affordable, sustainable housing for marginalized communities. This project not only addresses the urgent need for accessible homes but also redefines community design by fostering inclusive spaces that bring people together. Through its operations, AllSpace directly contributes to environmental sustainability by repurposing materials and align with various Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly those related to sustainable cities, responsible consumption, and community well-being.

Natal Cares

Natal Cares is a social enterprise that leverages on the power of Mobile Technology, Artificial Intelligence and Low Cost Innovation to combat maternal and infant mortality in Nigeria. Primarily focusing on providing customized Live-Saving Healthcare Information in local languages, mental and emotional healthcare support, medical monitoring and emergency services to at-risk pregnant women, vulnerable children and nursing mothers reaching them in their hometowns and villages and advocating for better access to healthcare at primary healthcare centers especially in under-served communities.

Energy Shift

Energy Shift provides a groundbreaking solution by democratizing access to renewable energy investments. The platform empowers individuals, allowing them to become active participants in the global shift towards sustainable energy. The project breaks down financial barriers, enabling investments from as low as 100 euros. This inclusivity ensures that a wide range of individuals can contribute to renewable energy projects.

Reimagine Social & Climate Action

Wüin-Waya: We Are Water

The Wüin-Waya: We Are Water project aims to enhance the quality of life for the Indigenous Wayuu community in the North Colombian desert of La Guajira by ensuring secure access to drinking water through the implementation of pumping systems powered by renewable energy. This objective is achieved by merging the ancient ancestral knowledge of the Wayuu people with cutting edge technology.

Aseel Direct Aid

Aseel's DirectAid Beta builds on Aseel's decentralized aid platform, which has served over 500,000 individuals since August 2021. It introduces Omid ID Cards for accurate beneficiary identification, the Atalan Network for on-the-ground support, and transparency via video documentation and emails. The process involves Send Aid, Track Aid, and receiving a distribution video for donors to witness the impact of their contribution.
Alberto Núñez Ramírez​

Guerrilla Verde

Guerrilla Verde is an NGO that focuses primarily on climate justice. They are currently working in the communities of Bañado de Asunción with the goal to empower families to improve their quality of life through self-sustainable methods. Their main work focuses on food security and sovereignty, waste management, and composting. The organization teaches and provides input for community and family gardens, do volunteer activities and give workshops on the circular economy.
Mayumi Sato
Founder & Director


SustainED is a youth-led educational initiative that equips young changemakers and future leaders with the advocacy and research skills to be able to create social, economic, political change through research and community organizing. Since their launch, SustainED has reached several thousand young people globally and aims to elevate the voices of young climate and social justice educators, organizers, and knowledge producers.

ENTO Women Network

ENTO Women Network empowers female farmers in Ghana, bridging gender gaps in agriculture. The project provides inputs, including fertilizers and tools, and offer crucial knowledge on weather, soil management, and post-harvest practices. ENTO Women Network's comprehensive training program focuses on climate resilience, sustainable farming, and leadership. By promoting gender-responsive agri-mechanization, they drive equality and environmental sustainability.

Grassroot Initiative for Sustainable Development

Grassroot Initiative for Sustainable Development raises community awareness on climate change and provides comprehensive training for young people in solar system installation, monitoring, and repairs, as well as entrepreneurship and business management. This project supports ambitious young trainees who become solar entrepreneurs, establishing solar enterprises within off-grid communities where they enhance access to durable and affordable solar lamps, energy-efficient stoves, and reliable solar system services. It addresses the energy needs of conflict-affected off-grid households, promote sustainable practices, empower entrepreneurs, and contribute to the well-being of the communities while mitigating environmental degradation.

EQUALS Her Digital Skills

The EQUALS Her Digital Skills initiative was co-founded by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) with several partners. The aim of this initiative is to design and provide access to free, gender-transformative digital skills training, capacity-building and mentoring opportunities for 1 million women and girls by 2026. Activities include workshops, digital skills qualification program ("Her Digital Skills Badges"), e-mentoring program and webinars focused on providing career advice and support.

GNYPWD Accessible Connect

GNYPWD Accessible Connect, is a digital platform empowering young persons with disabilities (YPWD) globally. It bridges the accessibility gap in digital spaces, enabling YPWD to engage in advocacy, skill-building, and community networking. By integrating AI and inclusive design, it provides equitable access to resources and opportunities, fostering socioeconomic inclusion.

Threading Change

Threading Change is a youth-led, justice-oriented fashion organization focused on addressing the systemic​ injustices and inequities that persist in the global fashion industry.​ Its public-facing and business/organization-oriented programs work to promote engagement, knowledge-sharing, collaboration, and action between ​ stakeholders in Canada and globally to ignite systemic change in our local and global fashion industry.​ Through an innovative organizational model, they specialize in facilitating creative events, convening unlikely allies, and initiating valuable industry and citizen connections.

Reimagine Civic Engagement

Rural Education Needs Assessment Project

SAYDi enhances effective and efficient education, and promotes democratic governance, gender inclusion, and social justice, by creating an interface between citizens and the government. With its Rural Education Needs Assessment Project (RENAP) SAYDi aims to make education accessible the underserved rural region of Kwara State in northern Nigeria. RENAP provides granular insights and comprehensive needs assessments to guide tailored interventions.

Fiscal Future

FiscalFuture empowers young people to discuss economic and financial policy and supports them in forming a strong public voice. Economic policy is central to the interest of young people; it shapes our future. However, it often seems complex and inaccessible, especially for young people. The consequence: Politicians talk about the interests of us young people – but do not talk with us; our perspective remains unheard.

Racheal Ncube​
Founder & Executive Director

Skill A Community

Skill A Community is an initiative which capacitates female artists with creative and innovative skills to fight inequalities and injustices. The main aim is to promote gender equity (and therefore advancing equality) and to bridge the income and social class gaps resulting from high unemployment rates in the country. Skill A Community empowers young women to use their skills for self and community development. It teaches different skills to young women in the creative sector. They are taught how to develop stories both fiction and non-fiction, how to do stage performances (poetry, music, dance etc), how to do book Editing and publishing, and more.
Catalina Roa

DosPuntoDos 2.2

The DOS-PUNTO-DOS Program's mission is to strengthen a network of young people with a vocation in public and/or social service as a basis for building a better society. Dos-Punto-Dos aims to generate genuine ties and enable sincere meetings between Mentors (leaders with recognized experience) and Mentees (outstanding young people with a vocation in public service), simultaneously contributing to expanding networks and promoting the best professional and personal versions of each of the participants.

Developing the Leadership of Young Women and Movement Building in the South Gonder Zone

Setaweet is a contemporary feminist movement founded in 2014. Setaweet aims to articulate Ethiopian feminism and creates the space for dialogue, research, and activism by Ethiopian women and men through a series of dialogues and capacity-building programs.​ With the 'EmpowerHer’ Initiative Setaweet aims at combating child marriage and gender-based violence in the regio of South Gonder. Focused on girls aged 10-18 this grassroots initiative tackles Ethiopia's prevalent child marriage issue. ​

New Global Normal

New Global Normal (NGN) is a not-for-profit organization that promotes intercultural communication and active global citizenship in youth communities worldwide, with the vision to unite a divided world. NGN is guided by four main objectives: to advocate and inform purposeful engagement with different cultures, to foster meaningful connections with individuals from different cultural backgrounds, to encourage cultural curiosity in youth, and to raise awareness of the importance of intercultural communication and active global citizenship.

Lead the Way Youth Summit

The Lead The Way Youth Summit aims to amplify the voices of young people, ensuring their perspectives contribute to shaping a better future for generations to come by creating an empowering platform for young individuals seeking to impact critical societal issues. It fosters a supportive environment through topic panels, workshops, and networking opportunities. By inviting professionals and community members to engage with youth speakers and the audience, the summit facilitates meaningful dialogue and collaboration, bridging the gap between younger generations and catalysts for positive change.

Community Action-Led Project by YAPD

The Community Action-Led initiative is a comprehensive and long-term educational program aimed at empowering underserved and marginalized communities by fostering civic engagement and educating them about their rights, responsibilities, and duties as citizens. Through this initiative, YAPD seeks to equip citizens in these communities with new knowledge and advocacy skills, enabling them to actively engage in civic change and community development.

EsConESI / ItsSexEd

EsConESI is a pioneering youth-led initiative by Impacto Digital and FUSA, dedicated to advancing comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) in Latin America. Focused on youth participation, the program empowers young activists aged 15 to 25 through training, advocacy projects, and the creation of youth-led educational content. EsConESI addresses critical issues such as gender-based violence, discrimination, and inadequate access to sexual and reproductive health services.


WaterWide is a non-profit organisation that solve water, sanitation and hygiene-related issues in marginalised communities in Nigeria with the main objective of tracking government spending and international aid for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) to ensure transparency, accountability and the proper implementation and completion of WASH projects in rural communities in Nigeria. Using the power of technology, they amplify the unheard voices and living condition of people in marginalized/rural communities in Nigeria.
Micaela Núñez Toro​

La Poderosa

La Poderosa aims to create a strong community fabric in the Santa Clara de San Millán district, prioritizing food, cooperation, and learning. The work began with two processes: serving biweekly community meals to over 150 people and organizing activities for children. The other engages neighborhood women in cooperatives, where they sell chocolates and food services, sharing profits for their economic stability, and a portion of these earnings goes into a common fund. The project plans to take additional steps towards empowering community autonomy.

Honorable Mention Projects

The following selected projects are honored for their commitment towards recoupling. These projects take unique approaches across categories in achieving an aligned economic, social, and envirionmental future.

Stories of Change

The "Stories of Change" project addresses Bangladesh's climate challenges, spotlighting the resilience of its marginalized communities. Through a compelling documentary, a dynamic social media campaign, and an innovative "Climate Atlas" mapping platform, this experienced team aims to globalize awareness and boost climate funding for Bangladesh. This initiative not only humanizes the face of climate change but also emphasizes proactive adaptation. Strategically designed, the project seeks to harness international attention and funds, empowering Bangladesh to navigate and prosper amidst climate adversities.

Remember the Future

"Remember the Future" is a short film set in 2073, depicting a world where humanity has successfully addressed the climate crisis. This innovative project combines AI-generated visuals with a powerful narrative, led by actress Ingrid Porzner. It's a speculative fiction piece grounded in scientific research, offering a hopeful vision of a sustainable future. The film targets young, climate-conscious individuals around the world, aiming to inspire and mobilize them towards climate action. Since its release, it has reached hundreds of people at conferences thousands online, reflecting its significant impact and relevance.

The PaperBag Project

This planet-positive project helps small-vendors like flower-sellers and vegetable-vendor who haven't been able to switch to sustainable alternatives despite the ban, across India, due to their meager profit-margins by distributing free-of-cost upcycled-from-newspaper bags to them. Through workshops, The PaperBag Project teaches participants to upcycle and create paper bags, which are collected and then distributed free of cost to street vendors.It elucidates the requirements to involve individuals from diverse backgrounds in the process of action taking for sustainability, rather than relying solely on the government, non-profits or corporations to make the amends.
Palestinian Territory

Blue Filter

The blue filter is an innovative solution designed to address the lack of clean water for agricultural fields worldwide. It effectively filters a significant amount of pollutants, including nitrates, chlorides, and salinity, using environmentally friendly methods. With remarkable efficiency, it reduces nitrates by 98%, chlorides by 90%, and salinity by 70%. The project involves plant seed-filled molds placed in water basins or tanks to treat polluted water. This green technology applied directly on farms or treatment sites aims to provide farmers with clean water for irrigation and drinking.


GreenQuest is a gamified learning experience, that educates users by simplify learning and debunking myths about climate change to drive social impact. The project tells Indigenous stories to preserve culture by designing relatable characters and quests to create an emotional connection with our users. The game leverages Open Source United Nations APIs and data to drive accurate information on climate change.


ADASTRA Fellows – is a Ukrainian think tank of social science fellows developing data-driven research for policy innovation. ADASTRA integrates economic prosperity with social and environmental sustainability through data-driven research and policy innovation. Focusing on areas like green transition and EU integration, ADASTRA advocates for policies aligning economic development with environmental needs. Our multi-stakeholder collaborations ensure diverse perspectives are considered, promoting balanced economic growth with social priorities.

Pratisandhi Foundation

Pratisandhi is an initiative based in India working to enable young people and adolescents to make informed decisions about their sexual and reproductive health to lead healthier lives through comprehensive and judgement-free educational programming in partnership with schools, shelters, and local communities.

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