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COVID-19 & the Reinforced Case for Sustainable Infrastructure Development: Mobilizing Infrastructure Investments as Catalysts for Net Zero & SDG Delivery

Curated and produced by The Solutions Lab – Scaling for Sustainable Infrastructure, a joint initiative by GIZ and the Global Solutions Initiative

The outbreak of the viral COVID-19 pandemic has brutally exposed weaknesses in existing infrastructure systems: “grey infrastructure” expansion and the associated destruction of ecosystems facilitate the spread of zoonotic diseases, whilst excessive reliance on just-in-time transport infrastructure and value chains increases our vulnerability to global shocks. At the same time, sustainable infrastructure is part of any successful response to the crisis: Whilst in the short-term, investments in infrastructure are critical to economic recovery and job creation, the delivery of key public services from health infrastructure to water and sanitation facilities will increase resilience toward pandemics in the long-term. With 75% of all infrastructure predicted to exist by 2050 not yet built, governments must seize the opportunity of stimulus packages to set the world on a zero emissions path toward SDG delivery.

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Panel Discussion

Vision Statement

Vision Statement

Vision Statement



Amar Bhattacharya

The Brookings Institution

Heike Henn 

German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development


Aziza Akhmouch


Ryan Bartlett

World Wildlife Fund

Norbert Gorißen

German Ministry for the Environment

Tetsushi Sonobe

Asian Development Bank Institute

Lori Kerr

Global Infrastructure Facility at the World Bank

Vision Statements

Cristina Contreras

Harvard University

Peter Head

Resilience Brokers

Gamelihle Sibanda

International Labor Organization

Lorena Zemp

Global Infrastructure Basel Foundation

Policy Recommendations, Policy Briefs and Articles

Policy Briefs on Infrastructure Investment and Financing​

Policy Briefs contain recommendations and visions and cover policy ares that are of interest to G20 policymakers. The majority of the Policy Briefs has been developed by a corresponding T20 Task Force.

T20 Recommendations Report: Infrastructure Investment and Financing

Compiled by Juliane Stein-Zalai (IfW Kiel) and Simon Wolf (Global Solutions Initiative)

Are Slums More Vulnerable to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Evidence from Mumbai

By Shaonlee Patranabis, Sahil Gandhi, and Vaidehi Tande (Brookings)

Infrastructure for Growth Post COVID-19

By Alberto Belladonna (ISPI) and Alessandro Gili (ISPI)

Making the case for G20 action on urbanization – Global Solutions Journal

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