What can the G20 do to support green investment in emerging and developing economies?
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The International Energy Agency predicts that global energy consumption will rise more than 25% by 2040, with the sharpest increase in emerging and developing economies. In fact, demand will double in some of these countries within this period. To comply with the goals set out in the Paris climate agreement, investment in renewable energies must increase substantially in order to meet the additional demand with energy from clean sources. This objective can only be achieved by mobilising much larger amounts of private capital. However, and despite the continuing phase of zero interest and even negative interest rates, major obstacles to investing in such projects persist, in particular in developing and emerging economies, where potential hurdles include political risk, complex contracts and a lack of compatibility with funding structures in industrialised countries. The panel “Green finance in emerging and developing markets” at the Global Solutions Summit will discuss possible solutions and ways of systematic cooperation to overcome these challenges, taking the recommendations of the G20 Eminent Persons Group on Global Financial Governance as a starting point for the discussion.

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