Sustainable Energy, Water, and Food Systems​

What can the G20 do to promote a sustainable bioeconomy and stable food systems?

The required move from a fossil fuel-based economy to a bioeconomy, characterized by a sustainable use of renewable resources, entails a number of trade-offs that need to be addressed. Policy-makers need to understand the trade-offs in order to make the right decisions. This panel discusses the important trade-off between agricultural production for food and bio fuels, and biodiversity protection. It reflects on the international externalities of national biodiversity strategies and the role of the G20.

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Panel Discussion


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Julia Klöckner

German Minister of Food and Agriculture


Alexander Bonde

DBU, Germany

Franziska Schünemann

Kiel Institute for the World Economy

Maximo Torero

Food and Agriculture Organization

Robert Vos

IFPRI, Netherlands

Conny Czymoch


Voices of the 2020 Young Global Changers


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Ninety young people from around the world were selected to participate in the 2020 Global Solutions Summit as Young Global Changers. These young changemakers from academica, business and civil society contribute and debate in their various working groups on the Summit topics. Watch the video with statements and questions by the YGC Working Group on Sustainable Bioeconomy and Stable Food Systems!

The Young Global Changers regularly contribute to the Young Global Changers blog. Browse through the YGC blog and read more articles on environment and related topics, written by the Young Global Changers’ community.

Policy Recommendations, Policy Briefs and Articles

Policy Briefs on Sustainable Energy, Water, and Food Systems​

Policy Briefs contain recommendations and visions and cover policy ares that are of interest to G20 policymakers. The majority of the Policy Briefs has been developed by a corresponding T20 Task Force.

T20 Recommendations Report: Sustainable Energy, Food, and Water Systems

Compiled by Hossa Almutairi (Kapsarc), Majed Alsuwailem (Kapsarc) and Axel Pierru (Kapsarc)

Bioeconomy: A Sustainable Development Strategy

By Hugo Chavarria (IICA), Eduardo Trigo (IICA), Federico Villarreal (IICA), Pablo Elverdin (GPS), Valeria Piñeiro (IFPRI)

True Cost of Food

By David Laborde (IFPRI), Marie Parent (IFPRI), Valeria Piñeiro (IFPRI)

Global food and water security, trade and market stability

By Valeria Piñeiro (IFPRI), Pablo Elverdin (GPS), Martin Piñeiro (CARI),  Estefania Puricelli (FAO),  Marcelo Regúnaga (CARI), Federico Villarreal (IICA)

Energy, Climate and the Covid-19 Shocks: Double or Quits

By Marc-Antoine Eyl-Mazzega (IFRI -Institute Francais des Relations Internationales)

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