Summit Round-Up: Interview with Albert Ting

Albert K. Ting, Vietnamese business veteran and construction expert, speaks about the challenges of urbanization and sustainable development of cities in this interview for the Global Solutions Summit Round-Up 2020. He further emphasizes the importance of sustainable businesses behavior that looks beyond shareholder value.

Summit Round-Up: Interview with Peter Bakker & Robert Moritz

The closing interview of the Global Solutions Summit’s Round-up 2020 highlights lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic and how we can better link wealth, health and societal goods. Peter Bakker, President and CEO of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, and Bob Moritz, Chairman of PwC, discuss in detail … Read more

Summit Round-Up: Interview with Ulrich Störk

The spotlight falls on the future of business and the future of work in this interview with PwC’s Ulrich Störk. He analyses why companies need to change, and what – and especially who – they need to foster sustainable and future-oriented corporate behavior.

The role of civil society and businesses for fostering recoupling

There is growing consensus that shareholder primacy has been a source of disconnect between the objectives of most businesses and the common good. Moreover, with pervasive tax evasion and growing concentration in most markets, the power of corporations and of corporate leaders is seen as a threat to sound governance … Read more

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