Community session: Addressing the Geopolitics of Global Health Challenges Ahead

This session is curated by the World Health Summit. The G7’s engagement with global health before and during the COVID-19 pandemic leads to four lessons about the relationship between global health and geopolitics. They relate to the interface of domestic and foreign policy, the impact of geopolitics on pandemic response, the strategic positioning of health … Read more

Pandemic preparedness and response – recoupling the global health system

This session is curated by Dennis Görlich, Program Director, Global Solutions Initiative, and Program Manager, Socio-Economic Transformation, The New Institute. The COVID-19 pandemic was a major brake for economic and social development. Despite warnings that a pandemic may occur, the international community was largely unprepared when COVID first emerged in late 2019. For example, while … Read more

The post-Covid world: From recovery to reshaping welfare

This session is curated by Luiz de Mello, Director, Economics Department, Policy Studies Branch, OECD. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused enormous economic, social and human losses. The global economy is now recovering, albeit in an unbalanced manner across countries, sectors of activity, firms and people. At the same time, a number of pre-pandemic challenges have … Read more

Boosting equitable access and production of diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines to confront Covid-19 on a global footing

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the devastating impact of a large-scale disease on global health and wellbeing, security and economies. It has also shown the importance of reliable preparedness systems, and international collaboration and co-ordination among diverse stakeholders. G20 leaders are actively encouraged to build on the lessons learned from the pandemic. These include: ensuring … Read more

Health systems: Strengthening preparedness

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased pressures on health systems across the world, exacerbating existing resource and capacity constraints. To guarantee health quality and efficiency for all, it is necessary for health systems to substantially increase their preparedness capabilities to be able to respond to crises while strengthening their core primary functions. This policy brief identifies … Read more

Regional collective action to address Covid-19 and prepare for future pandemics

The need for regional cooperation in addressing health threats and supporting preparedness is clear. Regional cooperation around COVID-19 has varied, reflecting disparities in political support, resources and health governance across regions, while highlighting the urgency for strengthening efforts to address the current pandemic and future crises. We recommend that G20 countries support regional organizations to … Read more

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