Community session: China-West dialogues to ease geopolitical tensions amid a new era of war in Europe

This session is curated by Colin Bradford, Fellow, Global Solutions Initiative. The confrontational narratives between the United States and China undermine opportunities and imperatives for constructive competition and collaboration.??They threaten to create a world divided into two blocs and to overwhelm global cooperation and multilateralism, at a crucial moment. ??The time has come to create … Read more

Promoting energy efficiency financing within the G20: the role of fiscal instruments

Improvements in energy efficiency (EE) can deliver a “double dividend” by reducing emissions and helping to protect the environment. Yet, constraints such as limited access to finance and inadequate policy tools and instruments have placed serious limitations on the promotion of EE improvements. In this policy paper, we first highlight the key policy challenges surrounding … Read more

G20 support for improved infrastructure project cycles in Africa

This policy brief argues that new, African-led infrastructure models are needed to support Africa’s economic transformation. We argue that the G20, including the Compact with Africa initiative, should support implementation of such models. In particular financing for infrastructure is slow and cumbersome with traditional partners. While non-traditional financiers provide faster response times, projects may also … Read more

Towards humanistic metrics of success for G20 economies

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the relationship between the market economy, state and society in almost every country worldwide. While the economy paused and literally shut down in many countries during the first wave of the pandemic, the state and civil society have gained new significance in protecting people from the ravages of the coronavirus. … Read more

Deepening G20-UN system cooperation to foster socio-economic recovery from the pandemic and reduce inequality worldwide: towards a G20+

This policy brief recommends the introduction of a “G20+” to lead the way on a post-pandemic socio-economic recovery that is effective, sustainable, and equitable. The “G20+” would harness the group’s formidable economic and political clout, while addressing its current deficits as regards legitimacy, representativeness and connections to the wider multilateral system. The policy brief sets … Read more

How to systematise G20 engagement with African multilateralism

While only one African member is formally part of the G20, Africa remains severely underrepresented in the most important multilateral group regarding global economic and financial cooperation. This policy brief argues that a greater degree of global integration and regional representation is key to ensuring the long-term legitimacy of the G20 itself. For this to … Read more

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