INTERSECTING – Sustainable responses to Covid-19 pandemic Vol1

Sustainable Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic Sustainable Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic #disease #health #society ISBN 9 782957 990511 published April 2021 Download individual articles in PDF as a zip file Download Volume 1 as PDF Read the E-Book Editorial Board INTERSECTING Volume 1 as E-Book

Community session: Addressing the Geopolitics of Global Health Challenges Ahead

This session is curated by the World Health Summit. The G7’s engagement with global health before and during the COVID-19 pandemic leads to four lessons about the relationship between global health and geopolitics. They relate to the interface of domestic and foreign policy, the impact of geopolitics on pandemic response, the strategic positioning of health … Read more

Pandemic preparedness and response – recoupling the global health system

This session is curated by Dennis Görlich, Program Director, Global Solutions Initiative, and Program Manager, Socio-Economic Transformation, The New Institute. The COVID-19 pandemic was a major brake for economic and social development. Despite warnings that a pandemic may occur, the international community was largely unprepared when COVID first emerged in late 2019. For example, while … Read more

The Health-Wealth-Nexus: recoupling health, social and economic wellbeing

This session is curated by Sonja Haut, Head, Strategic Measurement & Materiality, Novartis, and supported by Novartis. Good health is an essential element to overall well-being. However, we consistently observe disconnect and misalignment in economic, health and social policy debates; economic policy is often seen pulling in the opposite direction from health policy. The ongoing … Read more

World Health Summit 2021 – The Socio-Economics of Pandemics Policy

A pandemic is not just a brief shock but will affect societies and economies for an extended period of time. How must economic and social policies be adapted to ensure a functioning economy that serves human purposes first and foremost; and in which social prosperity and health are not just derivatives of economic growth?

Health Investments for Social and Economic Prosperity

The wealth of our societies is typically described in terms of economic growth, production and income. Yet, people would probably name good health as their most important goal, particularly under the current pandemic circumstances. Economic prosperity is intrinsically dependent on public health. Investments in healthcare and R&D, as well as in other social and health-promoting … Read more

Pandemic Preparedness as a Global Challenge – Keynote: Michael Kremer

Not only the fair distribution of vaccines against the coronavirus is currently a central challenge of the international community. Also, the establishment of effective and resilient public health systems including skilled personnel, disease prevention and monitoring, and access to treatments remain important for global health and pandemic preparedness. The Covid-19 pandemic has shown the aggravating … Read more

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