Policy and social prerequisites for effective climate action

This session is curated by Dennis Snower, President, Global Solutions Initiative. The challenge It is abundantly clear that we are not making the progress needed at the pace and scale needed to address climate change. The most recent IPCC report again emphasises the devastating implications already evident as a consequence, with much worse to come … Read more

Young Global Changers Recoupling Awards 2022

To drive change, we must recognize flaws and deficiencies in existing systems. It is just as important to develop a vision of change and concrete ideas and steps towards its implementation. With the Young Global Changers Recoupling Awards the Global Solutions Initiative recognizes outstanding youth-led projects or initiatives that actively work towards aligning (“Recoupling”) economic … Read more

The Health-Wealth-Nexus: recoupling health, social and economic wellbeing

This session is curated by Sonja Haut, Head, Strategic Measurement & Materiality, Novartis, and supported by Novartis. Good health is an essential element to overall well-being. However, we consistently observe disconnect and misalignment in economic, health and social policy debates; economic policy is often seen pulling in the opposite direction from health policy. The ongoing … Read more

Towards a new understanding of prosperity – measurement and reporting

This session is curated by Katharina Lima de Miranda, Research Director, Global Solutions Initiative, and Program Manager, Measuring Prosperity, The New Institute. Our future depends on our ability to transform our economic system – to take stewardship in transforming the system in accordance with our collective goals. This requires, first and foremost, reliable measures of … Read more

Keynote: Angel Gurría Panel: How to achieve the vision for a recoupled economy?

Our economy should serve human needs. For that, it must not be entirely geared towards economic progress but has to improve social progress and environmental sustainability as well. This is the vision of a recoupled economy: where social, economic and environmental prosperity grow together and not apart. Achieving a recoupled economy requires complementary action in … Read more

The International Financial System in Distress

The economic transformation needed to recouple economic growth with social prosperity and environmental sustainability will require a significant amount of financial resources. These financial needs come against the background of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has triggered massive fiscal spending for supporting the economy and improving public health. Central banks have created very large amounts of … Read more

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