Decarbonization and the Democracy Crisis
In the third workshop of the CGP workshop series, Guntram Wolff presented his working paper “Can climate change be tackled without ditching economic growth?“. He explored whether decarbonisation and economic growth are compatible or whether the world economy needs to grow less to be able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions fast enough to reach net zero ... Read more
Nature Based Solutions to Climate Change – CGP Workshop
The report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change on August 8, 2021 has confirmed the critical condition of the climate crisis and how many proven, available, affordable, nature-based solutions (NBS) have an essential role to play in preserving a liveable planet. G20 leaders have recognized the power on NBS but only very recently and ... Read more
Extending the role of carbon pricing on a global level
To reach the temperature targets of the Paris Agreement, the global economy needs to quickly move towards net-zero emissions and major economies including the EU, the US and China have committed themselves to such ambitious targets. There is a large consensus among economics and climate policy experts that carbon pricing should play a central role ... Read more
How companies can measure social and environmental progress
Our current measures of progress are primarily financial and short-term. Macro-level reporting has had a particular emphasis on GDP and corporate reporting has largely been focused on shareholder value. In the context of broader social objectives, our current approaches to reporting are neither sufficient nor effective. While there has been a proliferation of standards and ... Read more
Protecting Climate and Biodiversity
“Biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation are currently among the top threats facing humanity.” This is how last year’s UN Summit on Biodiversity describes the urgency of stopping biodiversity loss, noting the detrimental impact on food security, water supplies and also human health. The causes for the rapid loss of biodiversity are diverse, including agricultural expansion, ... Read more
Actions Needed to Realise the Net Zero Transition
As the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic persist, the urgency and magnitude of the decarbonisation challenge cannot be overlooked. Within the context of the ‘Great Realignment, the 2020s must be the pivotal decade for climate action. While the global response to the pandemic has brought an abrupt decrease in global emissions in 2020, the data ... Read more
Localising the circular economy imperative in a post COVID-19 era: place, trade and multilateralism
Resource extraction and consumption is expected to double by 2060, driven by global population and GDP growth. Such a development trajectory will accelerate environmental degradation and biodiversity loss while exposing the shortcomings of our linear ‘take, make, dispose’ model of production and consumption. A circular economy, as a means to decouple economic growth from resource ... Read more

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