From G20 to G19?
Policy Area:
by Markus Engels, Secretary-General of the Global Solutions Initiative With its exclusion from the UN Human Rights Council by the UN General Assembly, Russia’s diplomatic isolation has reached a temporary climax. Despite the U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s recently announced boycott of G20 meetings attended by representatives of Moscow and the calls of the U.S. ... Read more
Closing communiqués of the G20 engagement groups
In view of the G20 summit on October 30 and 31, 2021, the G20 engagement groups are gradually publishing their communiqués with their proposals and recommendations for the G20 member countries these days. We are documenting the final documents of these working groups. Urban 20 Urban 20 is a city diplomacy initiative that brings together ... Read more
Closing remarks by Global Solutions Initiative
Closing remarks by Global Solution Initiatives Managing Director, Susanne Staufer and Program Director, Dennis Görlich.
Strengthen Global Governance & Ease Geopolitical Tensions
There is a lot at stake during this transitional year. The Italian G20 Summit in October and the run-up to it, either raises the intensity and shifts the focus of the public governance discourse, or the world will muddle forward on incrementalist change which is a business-as-usual scenario. None of us involved in this Global ... Read more
Keynote: Paolo Gentiloni Panel: Financing the SDGs in the aftermath of the Pandemic
Achieving the SDGs has become even harder amid the pandemic. The Covid-19 shock has eradicated past achievements and made financial resources much scarcer. Covid measures have led to rising debt levels around the world, impeding the fight against poverty, the long-term strengthening of health systems and SDG achievement in general. Refinancing debt on capital markets ... Read more

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