Keynote: Paolo Gentiloni Panel: Financing the SDGs in the aftermath of the Pandemic
Achieving the SDGs has become even harder amid the pandemic. The Covid-19 shock has eradicated past achievements and made financial resources much scarcer. Covid measures have led to rising debt levels around the world, impeding the fight against poverty, the long-term strengthening of health systems and SDG achievement in general. Refinancing debt on capital markets ... Read more
We are in this together – how fair is the global access to vaccines? Interview with Martin Schulz and Antonio Guterres
Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General, United Nations and Martin Schulz, President, Friedrich Ebert Foundation discussing the pandemic as a global problem, addressing global vaccine strategy and its fairness throughout the world.
Pandemic Preparedness as a Global Challenge – Keynote: Michael Kremer
Not only the fair distribution of vaccines against the coronavirus is currently a central challenge of the international community. Also, the establishment of effective and resilient public health systems including skilled personnel, disease prevention and monitoring, and access to treatments remain important for global health and pandemic preparedness. The Covid-19 pandemic has shown the aggravating ... Read more
No one is safe, until everyone is safe – Strategies and challenges to achieve a global vaccine strategy
COVID-19 is a global challenge that can therefore only be solved globally. While the debate in the European Union has focused heavily on local and regional vaccine distribution, an essential key in winning the fight against the pandemic has been overlooked: we need a global vaccination strategy and global equitable access to a vaccine. At ... Read more
Keynote: Angel Gurría Panel: How to achieve the vision for a recoupled economy?
Our economy should serve human needs. For that, it must not be entirely geared towards economic progress but has to improve social progress and environmental sustainability as well. This is the vision of a recoupled economy: where social, economic and environmental prosperity grow together and not apart. Achieving a recoupled economy requires complementary action in ... Read more
Health as a Global Public Good: Why we need a Global Pandemic Treaty
The session is moderated by Professor Ilona Kickbusch, a member of the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board (GPMB) – which had initially proposed a framework for pandemic preparedness. A high-level representative of the European Union explains the initial intention of the proposal and where exactly it stands now, also the World Health Organization (WHO) defines how ... Read more
Summit opening with German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel & Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi
German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi addressing the Global Solutions community with an opening keynote and engaging in a moderated dialogue.
Implementing Good Health and Wellbeing
The current healthcare systems tend to be based predominantly on a sick-care model, the system is essentially one that waits until we have fallen ill. We face unprecedented challenges with global staff shortages predicted to be 18m by 2030 (BMJ). Healthcare costs have been rapidly rising over the past few decades. This unsustainable demand and ... Read more
Keynote: Sri Mulyani Indrawati
Keynote by Sri Mulyani Indrawati, Indonesian Minister of Finance

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