Closing remarks by Global Solutions Initiative
Closing remarks by Global Solution Initiatives Managing Director, Susanne Staufer and Program Director, Dennis Görlich.
Health Investments for Social and Economic Prosperity
The wealth of our societies is typically described in terms of economic growth, production and income. Yet, people would probably name good health as their most important goal, particularly under the current pandemic circumstances. Economic prosperity is intrinsically dependent on public health. Investments in healthcare and R&D, as well as in other social and health-promoting ... Read more
Extending the role of carbon pricing on a global level
To reach the temperature targets of the Paris Agreement, the global economy needs to quickly move towards net-zero emissions and major economies including the EU, the US and China have committed themselves to such ambitious targets. There is a large consensus among economics and climate policy experts that carbon pricing should play a central role ... Read more
Reducing inequalities and vulnerabilities in a Post-Pandemic World
The Covid-19 pandemic has put the spotlight on inequalities and vulnerabilities in our societies. Infection rates and risks, deaths, income losses, educational deficits resulting from school closures, and many more – all these consequences from the pandemic were distributed very unequally across societies. It turned out that our societies and economies were not resilient, inclusive ... Read more
China-West Relations and Alternative Narratives and Dynamics for the Global Order
The challenge is how to keep the world together in a single international community rather than end up with a bipolar global order, divided by ideological systemic competition, dual digital systems, and conflicting military-security tensions forcing other countries to choose sides. The US and China, so far, are facing off, confronting each other and clarifying ... Read more
Implementers’ Forum: Corporate Digital Responsibility
The Implementers’ Forum brings stakeholders from business and civil society together to collect and discuss new challenges, solutions, and best practices to implement corporate digital responsibility.
We are in this together – how fair is the global access to vaccines? Interview with Martin Schulz and Antonio Guterres
Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General, United Nations and Martin Schulz, President, Friedrich Ebert Foundation discussing the pandemic as a global problem, addressing global vaccine strategy and its fairness throughout the world.
The Future of Welfare States 
Welfare states can buffer economic hardship – their primary function is to provide a public safety net in times of individual crisis and to enable people to overcome the crisis through activation. Thus, if done right, welfare states support solidarity and empowerment. In normal times, welfare states deal with individual volatility resulting from impacts of ... Read more

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