Press release: Global Solutions Initiative at the T20 Indonesia Summit 2022

The Global Solutions Initiative is pleased to join the T20 Summit, held in Bali, Indonesia, on September 5-6. The Summit gathers world-leading thinkers, policy makers, and experts to discuss the latest research-based policy recommendations and matters of global importance. Over 600 authors contributed to policy briefs around three key issues: global health architecture, digital transformation, and the energy transition. The full program is available at www.t20indonesia.org.

As an official partner of T20 Indonesia, the Global Solutions Initiative will contribute to the following sessions:

Leveraging Digital Transformation and Smartization to Improve Quality of Life (Parallel Session 1C)
September 5, 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm (GMT+8)
Chair: Suhono Harso Supangkat, Lead Co-Chair of Task Force 2, T20 Indonesia and Head of Smart City & Community Innovation Center, Institut Teknologi Bandung
Keynote Speech: Yayan Ganda Hayat Mulyana, Head of Foreign Policy Strategy Agency, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Indonesia

    • Dennis Snower, President, the Global Solutions Initiative and Professor of Macroeconomics and Sustainability, Hertie School
    • Toshio Obi, Professor, Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies, Waseda University Japan
    • Lili Yan Ing, Lead Advisor (Southeast Asia Region), The Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA)
    • Dr. Mansi Kedia, Senior Fellow, Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER)

Beyond GDP and Towards Inclusive Wealth – Implications for SDG Financing and Other Long-term Decision-making (Parallel Session 2D) 
September 5, 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm (GMT+8)
Chair: Robert Smith, Senior Associate, International Institute for Sustainable Development and Principal, Midsummer Analytics

    • Bambang P.S. Brodjonegoro, Lead Co-Chair, T20 Indonesia
    • Radhika Lal, SDG FInance Policy Advisor, UNDP
    • Matthew Agarwala, Environmental Economist, Bennett Institute for Public Policy, University of Cambridge
    • Dennis Snower, President, the Global Solutions Initiative and Professor of Macroeconomics and Sustainability, Hertie School
    • Davin Kaczan, World Bank

T7 Townhall: Prospects for T7 Development and T7-T20 Dynamics (Parallel Session 4B) 
September 6, 10:30 am – 12:00 pm (GMT+8)
Opening Remarks and Chair: Tetsushi Sonobe, Dean and CEO, Asian Development Bank Institute

  • Dennis Snower, President, Global Solutions Initiative, Germany and Co-Chair, Think7 (T7) Germany 2022
  • Anna-Katharina Hornidge, Director, German Development Institute and Co-Chair, T7 Germany 2022
  • Bambang Brodjonegoro, Lead Co-Chair, T20 Indonesia
  • Sachin Chaturvedi, Director General, Research and Information System for Developing Countries, India
  • Riatu Mariatul Qibthiyyah, Executive Co-Chair, T20 Indonesia
  • Yose Rizal Damuri, Executive Co-Chair, T20 Indonesia

Kaori Hitomi, ADBI
David Hendrickson, ADBI

Enabling policies for Digitalization in Agriculture (Parallel Session 4D)
September 6, 10:30 am – 12:00 pm (GMT+8)
Opening Remarks:

  • Agnes Michalik, Managing Director, Global Solutions Initiative
  • Arif Satria, Rector, IPB University

Keynote speakers:

  • Maximo Torero, Chief Economist, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
    Jawoo Koo, Sr. Research Fellow, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
    Moderator: Aditya Alta, Head of Agriculture Research, Center for Indonesian Policy Studies
    Sounding Board:
    Damayanti Buchori, Task Force 4 Lead Co-Chair, T20 Indonesia
    Dil Rahut, Vice-Chair of Research, Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI)

Rethinking Inequality, Human Capital, and Well-Being Post-Covid-19 Pandemic (Parallel Session 4E)
September 6, 10:30 am – 12:00 pm (GMT+8)
Chair: Heni Kurniasih – The SMERU Research Institute

  • Asep Suryahadi, Lead Co-Chair of Task Force 5, T20 Indonesia
  • Vivi Alatas, CEO of Asakreativita and Co-Chair of Task Force 5 T20 Indonesia
  • Dennis Goerlich, Program Manager at THE NEW INSTITUTE and Research Director of the Global Solutions Initiative
  • Javier Luque, Country Lead, The Global Partnership for Education (GPE)
  • Elan Satriawan, Chief of Policy Working Group at TNP2K and Co-Chair of Task Force 5 T20 Indonesia

Livestream: http://www.youtube.com/SMERUInstitute

Rethinking Social Well-being in Digital Society (Plenary Session 3)
September 6, 1:35 pm – 2:40 pm (GMT+8)
Keynote Address: Airlangga Hartarto, Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs, Republic of Indonesia

Special Address by Nobel Laureate: Abhijit Banerjee, Ford Foundation International Professor of Economics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Chair: Vivi Alatas, Chief Executive Officer of Asakreativita

  • Dennis Snower, President Global Solutions Initiative Foundation
  • Wing Thye Woo, Vice-President for Asia at UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN)
  • Asep Suryahadi, Senior Research Fellow at the SMERU Institute
  • Representative from the Ford Foundation

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