Out now: New volume of INTERSECTING “On the Creative Economy and the Future of Work”

Volume 10 of INTERSECTING was published today to mark the Inception Conference hosted by the T20 India in New Delhi. Focusing on Creative Economy and the Future of Work, the latest edition of the global editorial project is part of the INTERSECTING series, which focuses on contemporary economic transformations and is a cooperation between the Global Solutions Initiative and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). Richly illustrated with original photographic material and artworks, INTERSECTING is available as an e-book at https://www.global-solutions-initiative.org/publications/intersecting/.

With over 30 authors primarily from the Global South, INTERSECTING Vol. 10 builds on the achievements of the G20 presidency of Indonesia which, for the very first time, included a full paragraph highlighting the global macro-economic significance of the creative economy in the Bali G20 Leaders declaration from November 2022.

As digitalization of the world economy accelerates and creates new divides, the creative economy is not a stand-alone issue, but instead contributes to larger, more complex transformations of labor markets and skill sets. The volume cites Indonesian President Joko Widodo, who noted that, “Creative economy is a sector of the future and a pillar of inclusive growth because it breaks through geographical, gender, ethnic, and economic strata boundaries and encourages the achievement of the SDGs.”

Throughout 2022, several multilateral convenings were organized to discuss and strengthen the socio-economic potential of Creative Economy on all levels, particularly in the context of Covid-19 pandemic recovery policies. The G20 Connecti: Citi conference took place in the highly symbolic Asia-Africa Conference Center in Bandung, West Java, in March 2022 with the theme People and the Next Economy: Recovering Together. It issued the Bandung Communiqué on Creative Economy for Recovery. In September 2022, the Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) launched the book Creative Economy 2030, the result of global investigations conducted over the previous 18 months. In October 2022, Indonesia hosted the third edition of the World Conference on Creative Economy (WCCE) in Bali, which approved the new Bali Creative Economy Roadmap.

As a follow-up, the Indonesian Ministry for Foreign Affairs will promote the Roadmap, including by planning to submit a second resolution on the creative economy at the United Nations General Assembly and holding the Association of South-East Asian Nations – ASEAN Creative Economy Business Forum II during Indonesia’s Chairmanship in ASEAN in 2023. It will focus in particular on measurable and concrete cooperation, such as in the field of Intellectual Property (IP) valuation and protection.

One key feature of INTERSECTING Vol. 10 results from a year-long collaboration across several departments of GIZ, the German Cooperation Agency and the organization of a high-level policy-forum on Poverty and Inequality and Fair Digital Transformation in November 2022. It was hosted by the Indonesian research institute SMERU and curated by the Argentinian based think-tank CIPPEC, aiming at raising the voice of the Global South.

In December 2022, ADBI and the Indian think-tank ICRIER released a Working Paper on Creative Economy in India: Tapping the Full Potential. Creative Economy has also been identified as one of the main pillars of the G20 India Presidency Culture Ministerial Working group.

In 2023, the INTERSECTING project will continue with the edition of the second printed book of the collection on Resources for the Future.

Guest editors of INTERSECTING Vol. 10 on Creative Economy and the Future of Work: Ramiro Albrieu, Nicolas J.A. Buchoud, Sandra Flicke-Loetzch, Angelika Frei-Oldenburg, Manuel Kuhm, Prateek Kukreja

Editorial board of INTERSECTING: Nicolas J.A. Buchoud, Milindo Chakrabarti, Gunnar Hartmann, Nella Sri Hendriyetti, Holger Kuhle, Riatu Qibthiyyah, Tetsuhi Sonobe

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