Out Now: New Volume of INTERSECTING – “Resources for the Future”

Volume 11 of INTERSECTING, Resources for the Future, also available in a print edition, explores the challenges of distributing resources in a world that is facing the huge impacts of population growth, digitalization and damage to ecosystems. This second cycle of the INTERSECTING global editorial project has mobilized over 190 authors. Volume 7 focuses on plastics; volume 8 is dedicated to global value chains; volume 9 explores urban metabolism; and volume 10 dives into the creative economy and the future of work. This edition, volume 11, is a rich gathering of new, original articles that link the themes of inclusion, skills, digitalization, health, and infrastructure. They emphasize the need for cooperation, sustainability, and social inclusion.

The first printed book in the INTERSECTING collection, Sustainable Responses to the Covid-19 Pandemic, was published at the T20 Italy summit in 2021. The second printed book, Resources for the Future, will be released at the T20 India summit in Mysuru on August 1-2, 2023. The conclusions will also be presented at a special side event at the G20 India summit in Delhi in September 2023.  

The authors argue that addressing inequality in different areas of action and policy – from digitalization and  infrastructure finance to health, culture or labor policy – is crucial in order to create lasting partnerships for sustainable development. The book’s three chapters show in a concrete way what “pathways of transformative change” could look like, if we turn the growing pressure on natural habitats and resources into benefits for better common futures. 

Guest editors of INTERSECTING Vol. 10 on Creative Economy and the Future of Work: Ramiro Albrieu, Nicolas J.A. Buchoud, Michael Cohen, Mathias Janke, Rainer Kern, Shuva Raha.

Editorial board of INTERSECTING: Nicolas J.A. Buchoud, Lilian Busse, Milindo Chakrabarti, Michael Cohen, Gunnar Hartmann, Nella Sri Hendriyetti, Holger Kuhle, Riatu Qibthiyyah, Tetsuhi Sonobe.

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