Global Solutions Summit 2023: Promoting Social Well-being in Times of Transformation and Uncertainty

Summit 2023
“People are the real wealth of a nation,” declared the very first Human Development Report (UNDP, 1990). Without peoples’ support, necessary major transformations needed to solve the world’s global challenges will not succeed. Hence, governments and economies should serve societies by putting people at the center of their decision-making and promote the well-being of individuals and communities in thriving economic, social and natural environments. Social prosperity and social justice are key factors and complementary goals to achieve flourishing societies. Social prosperity creates the conditions necessary for individuals and communities to thrive – meeting basic human needs such as food, health, education, and employment, as well as a sense of belonging, social solidarity, personal empowerment, and opportunity – while social justice addresses the underlying inequalities and injustices that prevent some individuals and communities from accessing those conditions. It promotes equitable access to and distribution of resources and benefits in society, equal rights and opportunities, especially recognizing those of future generations, and seeks to eradicate systemic inequalities, discrimination and exclusion. In an era of sweeping and unsettling global transformations, societies are experiencing a great deal of uncertainty and alienation from their political and economic systems as they see social progress at risk. Destabilizing events and trends range from the Covid-19 pandemic, alarming signs of the looming climate crisis, war and shifting geopolitical relations, polarization and democratic backsliding, disruptive technological leaps and demographic divergence, to increasing economic inequality and decreasing human development. It is therefore critical that proposed policies gain broad social acceptance by ensuring that people’s well-being is at their core. This discussion will focus on how to continue promoting social prosperity and social justice in times of transformation and uncertainty. What are the risks, but also the opportunities, for social well-being in the times we live in? How can policymakers navigate them to create new opportunities for all? Is it possible to arrive at a shared international political agenda for social prosperity? How can common goals be delivered locally and globally? How can the voice of civil society be strengthened? What more can businesses do to make a positive impact on society?

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