How to fix our institutions so they can live up to their promise

Election corruption, police brutality, political turmoil, tax breaks for the wealthy, unequal educational access, wage inequality, disinformation perpetrated by the media, and more. Events of the last few years have demonstrated that society’s institutions are in dire shape. Institutional failure is occurring because these institutions, from local to global, were made for a world that no longer exists. They were not designed for a world driven by disruptive technology, and the very attributes that formed the basis of their stability are now creating an inflexibility that is proving to be an existential threat. Fixing these institutions, from the ground up, is critical; without them, our societies fail to uphold their most basic duties to their citizens. To fix them requires that solutions address the root causes of these failures, and fixing them will require all institutions to focus on three core areas: focusing on mission, designing for a fractured world, and leading in a new way. This session will address these questions, and more, as we discuss how to rebuild institutions for a new era.

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