Class of 2017

Mays Abdel Aziz, Jordan

Khaled Abo Shady, Egypt

Elorm Esi Abusah, Ghana

Chukwuemelie Precious Akanonu, Nigeria currently works as a Research Fellow at the Centre for the Study of the Economies of Africa (CSEA) in Abuja, and serves as a Fellow for the Energy for Growth Hub based in Washington D.C. She previously worked in the Office of the Chief Economic Adviser to the President of Nigeria, as an analyst at the consultancy Time Economics, and as a consultant for a DFID governance program in Nigeria. As a 2019 Breakthrough Generation Fellow and a 2017 Young Global Changer, Precious is striving to use evidence-based research to influence policy-making and programme implementation towards Africa’s sustainable development in Africa.

Giresse Akono Gantsui, Congo

Babatunde Alawode, Nigeria/USA

Sajida Alhaj, Qatar

Khusniddin Alikulov, Uzbekistan is involved in improving energy efficiency in Central Asian countries by applying cutting-edge approaches. In addition, he is an active volunteer on resolving community issues in countryside of Uzbekistan. Khusniddin is also volunteer researcher on developing environmental impact assessment for energy systems.

Aigerim Almazova, Kyrgyzstan

Yousef Alshammari, Saudia Arabia

Maroua Baba, Morocco

Nabil Badjri, Indonesia

Bilge Bingöl Schrijer, Turkey obtained her PhD in public law from Ankara University and is working as an assistant professor at Akdeniz University Faculty of Law in public law department. Her research focuses on state theory, human rights, experimental legal education, education and higher education law. She is working on several projects that are about integrating university research findings in to social development planning. As a young global changer she aims at creating solutions for achieving sustainable development goals by designing university-city-government interrelated programs.

Rim Hayat Chaif, Algeria

Koon Hong Chan, Hong Kong

Necola Charles, St. Kitts / West Indies

Lianhua Chi, China

Anesa Colakovic, Serbia

Francisco Jose Cordoba Otalora, Colombia holds a dual masters degree in Lifelong learning from University College London and Aarhus University. Co-founder of '2038' platform promoting open fintech to increase access to capital. He has been named MIT innovator under 35 for his contributions on blockchain. Fellow of the Westerwelle foundation and DO school in Germany. Co-founder of Wesend, Seed software and Red Diaspora Colombia. Presents the podcast #VisaAlFuturo and the Youtube channel Pachoman. AIESEC and Global Shaper alumni from The World Economic Forum.