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Multilateralism is under fire, precisely when we need it most”. This 2018 statement by UN Secretary António General Guterres seems more pressing now than ever before. Guterres underlined this in his message to the Global Solutions Summit earlier this year, by stating that “now more than ever, multilaterslism and coordinated international action are paramount“. The Covid-19 pandemic, an escalating climate crisis and protracted conflicts around the world underscore the exceptional urgency for more global coordination, multilateral solutions and the recoupling of economic, ecological and social wellbeing. Yet, today’s global order is marked by an increased reliance on unilateralism and zero-sum calculations. Major international climate and security agreements are in jeopardy and put our planet and the future of younger generations at risk.

How can we transform the future of multilateralism? What role can and should the United Nations play? And how do younger generations envision this path? On October 23rd 2020 – on the eve of the United Nations 75th birthday – the Future of Multilateralism & the United Nations will be at the heart of a public online event with youth advocates and young voices from around the world. The event and accompanying workshop sessions will be prepared and facilitated by the Young Global Changers, a group of young policy thinkers and innovators from around the world. The event is a joint project by the Global Solutions Initiative and 1014. The activities will complement the ongoing UN global dialogue initiative, UN75.

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Fabrizio Hochschild

Fabrizio Hochschild-Drummond
UN Under-Secretary-General, Special Advisor to the Secretary-General for UN75


Magdalena Hess

Magdalena Hess
Climate Activist & Nationwide Social Media Spokesperson at Fridays for Future (Germany)

Radha Kulkarni

Radha Kulkarni
Resource Mobilization Manager for UNICEF & Member of Young UN: Agents for Change

Enyseg Teimory

Enyseh Teimory
Campaigner with Together First & Communications Officer at the United Nations Association (UK)

Aniqah Zowmi

Aniqah Zowmi
Director at Leading Change Canada and Lead Author UNESCO #YouthWagingPeace

Ali Aslan

Ali Aslan
Journalist & TV presenter

Expert Input

María Elena Agüero

María Elena Agüero
Secretary General of the Club of Madrid

Niels Annen
Minister of State at the German Federal Foreign Office 

Christoph Heusgen
Permanent Representative of Germany to the UN

Robert Malley

Robert Malley
President & CEO of the International Crisis Group

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Online Survey by the United Nations

The United Nations is marking its 75th anniversary at a time of great challenge, including the worst global health crisis in its history. Will it bring the world closer together? Or will it lead to greater divides and mistrust?
Your views can make a difference.

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