CGP Workshop Series

The CGP workshop series is a seminar series where CGP members present their G20 relevant activities to inform other members and discuss about current research initiatives. Participitaion is upon invitation only, please reach out to if you are interested. Selected sessions and their outcomes are available below.

In the third workshop of the CGP workshop series, Guntram Wolff presented his working paper “Can climate change be tackled without ditching economic growth?“. He explored whether decarbonisation and economic growth are compatible or whether the world economy needs to grow less to be able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions fast enough to reach net zero in 2050, building on recent work at Bruegel. 

The paper is available here.

Guntram Wolff is the Director of Bruegel since 2013. Over his career, he has contributed to research on European political economy and governance, fiscal, monetary and financial policy, climate change and geoeconomics. 
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In the second part of the workshop, Helmut Anheier and Edward Knudsen talked about “Responsible leadership in democracy”, looking in particular at values and accountability and building on recent work for the Club de Madrid. They discussed the crisis of leadership, especially during the pandemic where leaders showed detached, self-serving leadership styles, failing to find the balance between personal conviction and responsibility.

The paper is available here.

Helmut Anheier is is Professor of Sociology at the Hertie School in Berlin. He served as President of the Hertie School from 2009 to 2018 and is also a member of the faculty at the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs and visiting professor at LSE Ideas. His research centers on indicator systems, governance, culture, non-profits and philanthropy and organisational studies.
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Edward Knudsen is a Research Associate at Hertie School and a Doctoral Candidate in International Realtions at the University of Oxford.

The recording of the session is available here.

In the second series of the CGP Workshop on international finance José Siaba Serrate (CARI), Akshay Mathur (ORF Mumbai) and Franco Bruni (ISPI) presented their policy briefs and took stock of the work within the T20 Italy Task Force on International Finance and current developments at the G20 level.

The statement on International Finance submitted by the T20 Italy to Italy’s G20 presidency the task force calls upon the G20 Economy and Finance Ministers for a renewed commitment to address the challenge of avoiding moving from the COVID-induced economic crisis to a new financial crisis.

T20 Task Force 9 – International Finance
Policy Briefs

The recording of the session and a transcript are available here.

The report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change on August 8 has confirmed the critical condition of the climate crisis and how many proven, available, affordable, nature-based solutions (NBS) have an essential role to play in preserving a liveable planet. G20 leaders have recognized the power on NBS but only very recently and in an unduly limited way. Which ones should the G20 Rome Summit act on in a sufficiently ambitious way? After a review of the G20’s record, experts from the important global regions and communities of North America, the Caribbean, SIDS and global south, and Russia and the BRICS offer answers, based on the Policy Brief they helped prepare for the Think 20 advice to G20 leaders this year.  

G20 Governance, North America’s Natural Superpower Solutions
John Kirton, Co-Director of the G20 Research Group and Director of the G7 Research Group at the University of Toronto

NBS for a Healthy Caribbean, SIDS, and South
James Hospedales, Founder of EarthMedic and Executive Director of the Caribbean Public Health Agency

NBS from Russia, China and the BRICS
Irina Popova, Researcher, Centre for International Institutions Research at RANEPA

The recording of the session and a transcript are available here.

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