What can the G20 do to ensure a human centered trading system that benefits all countries?

While the world economy continues to be as connected by trade in goods and services as never before, the institutions governing global trade face an enduring crisis. Complemented by my-country-first narratives and rising tariff barriers by an increasing number of political leaders around the world, free trade is challenged. New types of trade, in services and data, create new challenges and require multilateral agreements to adequately govern them. And the COVID-19 pandemic makes the weaknesses of the optimized global production networks apparent. All these issues and problems have in common that the people can no longer fully benefit from trade. After a long period with a trading system fulfilling predominantly corporate interests, it is now time to step back and ensure a trading system that is centered on human needs and gains and that benefits all countries. This Global Table will discuss the required policy approaches.

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Dani Rodrik

Harvard University, USA


Susan Ariel Aaronson


Gabriel Felbermayr

Kiel Institute for the World Economy

Anabel Gonzalez


Pascal Lamy

Jacques Delors Institute

Michaela Küfner

Deutsche Welle

Voices of the 2020 Young Global Changers


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Ninety young people from around the world were selected to participate in the 2020 Global Solutions Summit as Young Global Changers. These young changemakers from academica, business and civil society contribute and debate in their various working groups on the Summit topics. Watch the video with statements and questions by the YGC Working Group on Trade, Investment and Growth!

The Young Global Changers regularly contribute to the Young Global Changers blog. Browse through the YGC blog and read more articles on trade and related topics, written by the Young Global Changers’ community.

Policy Recommendations, Policy Briefs and Articles

Policy Briefs on Trade, Investment and Growth

Policy Briefs contain recommendations and visions and cover policy ares that are of interest to G20 policymakers. The majority of the Policy Briefs has been developed by a corresponding T20 Task Force.

T20 Recommendations Report: Trade, Investment and Globalization

Compiled by Juliane Stein-Zalai (IfW Kiel) and Simon Wolf (Global Solutions Initiative)

Global Trade Cooperation after COVID-19: Can the G20 Contain Disintegration?

By Peter Draper (Institute for International Trade, University of Adelaide)

How COVID-19 will change the nation’s long-term economic trends

By Mark Muro, Tracy Hadden Loh, Martha Ross, Jenny Schuetz, Annelies Goger, Nicole Bateman, William H. Frey, Joseph Parilla, Sifan Liu, and Adie Tomer (Brookings)

The fiscal response to the economic fallout from the coronavirus

By Julia Anderson, Enrico Bergamini, Sybrand Brekelmans, Aliénor Cameron, Zsolt Darvas, Marta Domínguez Jíménez (Bruegel)

A crisis in times of crisis: Combating COVID-19 under sanctions in Iran?

By Sonali Chowdhury, Anna-Katharina Jacobs & Kathrin Kamin (Kiel Institute for the World Economy) 

The economics of wage compensation and corona loans: Why and how the state should bear most of the economic cost of the COVID lockdown

By Jean-Philippe Bonardi, Marius Brülhart, Jean-Pierre Danthine, Eric Jondeau & Dominic Rohner (University of Lausanne)

Rescuing the labour market in times of COVID-19: Don’t forget new hires!

By Christian Merkl (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg) & Enzo Weber (University of Regensburg)

The Helicopters Are Coming

By Willem H. Buiter (Columbia University)

Building effective short-time work schemes for the COVID-19 crisis

By Giulia Giupponi (Institute for Fiscal Studies) & Camille Landais (London School of Economics)

The labour market policy response to COVID-19 must save aggregate matching capital

By Shigeru Fujita (Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia), Giuseppe Moscarini (Yale University) & Fabien Postel-Vinay (University College London)

Investment screening in times of COVID-19 and beyond

OECD Policy Responses to Coronavirus (COVID-19)


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