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Rebuilding Macroeconomics after the Pandemic

Curated and produced by ESRC’s Rebuilding Macroeconomics

Financial Crisis, nationalism and COVID-19 are all socio-economic pandemics in the last decade. Each one starts in a small corner of our world, then spreads across continents in a very short space of time. Each one is a surprise, and each one catches us unprepared. If we are to be prepared for the next pandemic or crisis, we need a different approach to economics. It has to be possible to generate cascading systemic events within our models. We argue that this requires making the importance of social interaction central to economic models. Social foundations determine the rules of the game, how we interact with others and the ultimately the resilience of the economy. 

This Global Table will argue the need to put social foundations at the center of rebuilding macroeconomics and economic policy.

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Panel Discussion



Angus Armstrong

ESRC’s Rebuilding Macroeconomics

Panel with

Wendy Carlin

University College London

Paul Collier

Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford

Alan Kirman

École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociale

Henrietta Moore

Institute for Global Prosperity, University College London

Angus Armstrong

ESRC’s Rebuilding Macroeconomics

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