G20 Performance on Climate Change

  Challenge   Proposal The G20 has governed climate change since its first summit in 2008, and will do so again at its Osaka Summit in June. The G20’s climate change leadership matters. The group includes the countries that bear both the historic and projected responsibility for the impacts of their emissions, which account for … Read more

G20 Performance on Climate and Energy

  Challenge   Proposal When the G20 began meeting at the leaders’ level in 2008, it had the distinct advantage of bringing together, in an informal setting, the world’s largest energy producers, consumers and polluters. With 77% of all energy consumption and almost 82% of all global carbon dioxide emissions stemming from the G20, this … Read more

Community session: Addressing distributional issues of carbon pricing

This session is curated by Sonja Peterson, Senior Researcher, Kiel Institute for the World Economy. To reach the temperature targets of the Paris-Agreement and avoid dangerous interference with the climate system (Article 2, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) the global economy needs to quickly decarbonize and there is a large consensus among economics … Read more

Think7 Policy recommendations on climate and environment

The Think7 task force on saving the planet: Climate and environment covers a broad range of interlinked subjects, including climate, biodiversity, clean water, air, land and seas, food and agriculture, energy, and infrastructure. With a particular focus on greenhouse gas emissions sinks and sources, jobs-rich just transitions, nature-based solutions and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable … Read more

Policy and social prerequisites for effective climate action

This session is curated by Dennis Snower, President, Global Solutions Initiative. The challenge It is abundantly clear that we are not making the progress needed at the pace and scale needed to address climate change. The most recent IPCC report again emphasises the devastating implications already evident as a consequence, with much worse to come … Read more

The growing imperative for a circular economy

This session is curated by Linda Arthur, Senior Capacity Building and Training Specialist, ADBI, and supported by Circular Economy Solutions Dialogues (GIZ). Fifty years ago, the United Nations convened the first major conference on international environmental issues in Stockholm, Sweden, and yet fifty years later, climate change and eight additional planetary boundaries are threatened by … Read more

Young Global Changers Recoupling Awards 2022

To drive change, we must recognize flaws and deficiencies in existing systems. It is just as important to develop a vision of change and concrete ideas and steps towards its implementation. With the Young Global Changers Recoupling Awards the Global Solutions Initiative recognizes outstanding youth-led projects or initiatives that actively work towards aligning (“Recoupling”) economic … Read more

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